Portraits of American Girls Posing With Their American Girl Dolls

Photographer Ilona Szwarc‘s project “American Girls” is a series of portraits of girls in the United States posing with their avatars — American Girl dolls that are customized to look exactly like their owners.

American Girls by Ilona Szwarc (via It’s Nice That)

Image credits: Photographs by Ilona Szwarc and used with permission

  • Kitkat

    its kinda creepy because the girls are not smiling….

  • Karlschroeder35

    Great concept and execution!

  • Sicliff

     Always thought little girls were scary, this explains to me why! great set though.

  • Tzctplus -

    I find it all a bit bland. What is the point exactly?

  • Lindsey

    Why do they look so miserable? These pictures are very creepy. It looks like they belong in a horror movie.

  • Katia Singletary

    They look so sad! Yet they are able to have such an expensive girl that look exactly like them!

  • Intrpl

    Boring as batshit. Flat, uninspiring, no concept, lacks vision and poor execution. Fluff – as expected from PP.

  • SirInnesPort

    You’re batshit.  You’re flat and uninspiring.  Your critique has no concept, lacks vision, and has poor execution.  

  • Sonya

     exactly my thought….personally  I don’t know why those dolls cost so much!

  • Bartacamus

    explain “as expected from PP” please

  • Bartacamus

    have u ever tasted batshit – Salvador Dali did it once – maybe you should try as well and then you might actually start SEEING… 

  • Bartacamus

    look at art at the galleries – models on paintings and photographs usually don’t smile – do they? does everyone always has to smile? 

  • Intrpl

    Yet you use it to criticise me as well. Thanks.

  • Andrew Bowness

    The one with the the girl on a horse made me laugh, the rest of them left me un-nerved.

  • Lrozenberg

    Kids do smile.. 

  • Bartacamus

    really? how boring… 

  • Bartacamus

    why un-nerved? they are beautiful. 

  • thisbearbites

    The only specializing done is outfits. I would have preferred the hairstyles also matched exact, glasses, jewelry, settings be more exact. More imitation, not less. I can accomplish the same outfit with a trip to Kmart.