Childhood Toys in a Grown-Up World

After finding toys from his childhood in his grandparents’ attic, photographer Julien Mauve decided to create a series of photographs that imagines what those toys would look like in our serious adult world. The series is titled “Back to Childhood”.

You can see more photos from the project over on Mauve’s website.

Image credits: Photographs by Julien Mauve

  • John Milleker

    I really like the first two.

  • Sean Tooley

    Agreed the first two seem more unstated, the others look too staged for my liking. Great concept.

  • Singletaryartandphotography

    J’adore le concept!
    The mille bornes card game is really cool!

  • Devansh

    Amazing concept. Its going in my bucketlist of projects i would love to do.

  • Mark J P

    Great idea, I really like the concept.  Very nicely shot too. :)

  • Maye Widener

    That is so neat. Would be a great hobby.

  • Scott Scheetz

    Really great idea. The last shot is my favorite. I haven’t played that game in ages.

  • Kim Ford Mathis-Mauck

    What a great idea! I love them all….wedding photos are staged for goodness sakes….nothing wrong with staging to get great photos!

  • Karen H

    Fun stuff I love the creativity nice job!

  • yvette p

    They are all staged and ALL fabulous!!!!!!