Photographer Steps On and Kills German Celebrity Earless Bunny

Photographers are supposed to document news rather than make it, but a clumsy German photographer had the ill fortune of doing the latter in the most horrible way this past Wednesday. The photographer was shooting at a media event at the Limbach-Oderfrohna zoo in Eastern Germany when he stepped backward and onto a three-week-old earless bunny named Til, instantly killing the little guy. Zoo officials had expected Til to join Germany’s growing list of international animal celebrities — a list that includes Knut the polar bear and Paul the octopus. The story offers a reminder for photographers everywhere: be aware of your surroundings when shooting.

(via PopPhoto)

Image credits: Photograph by Uwe Dempewolf/Limbach-Oberfrohna Zoo

  • commatose

    Heard about this yesterday.  Guy must feel like a wad.  Poor dead earless bunny.

  • Ahmed S. Messaoudi

    He wasn’t a PHOTOGRAPHER he was a CAMERAMAN!!!!

  • John Milleker

    I feel sorry for the little guy but I have to wonder.. The cameraman stepped backwards and onto a three week old RARE bunny that he was there to film.

    An average sized male in an enclosure with a bunny the size of a grapefruit, with probably 30lbs+ of camera equipment. Not facing the unprotected creature. Sorry, but I’m not thinking the cameraman was at fault here. The zoo should have had it in a smaller enclosure on a table or something. Not at ground level for it’s big international media debut.

  • Killermotion

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!hahahahahaha!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!lmao!!!! That is awesome! They shouldn’t have let it go to waste. Cook it up!

  • eleanorrigby236

    Why the hell did they leave the poor guy on the ground???? If he is that important, only 3 weeks old, and you have media running around his pen/cage/area, zoo officials should have taken better care of him. I’d say the zoo should be sued for negligence. It could have been anyone… ;/ 

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    How American of you… haha, sued for negligence?  It’s a bunny that died here, and probably a bunny that was owned by the very same zoo… why would they sue themselves?

  • Jon Garcia

    Poor rabbit didn’t even hear him coming. 

  • Guest

    can’t read German but I’m guessing this is the guy:,h=343.bild.jpg

    he looks sooo miserable :(

  • DeathToMetal

    such a retar-d america, sue everyone eh? get a life fool.

  • Guest

    That’s actually the zoo director.  To provide a bit of context: the bunny was kind of a celebrity because a few years back there was a relatively sucessful German movie called “Keinohrhasen” (“earless rabbits”, or maybe rather “no-ear rabbits”, the grammatical structure is intentionally clumsy in the original).

  • Chris

    The cameraman must feel like such a heel.

  • Lindsay Branscombe

     Duhh… the Zoo shouldnt sue itself.. The bunny’s family needs to be a lawyer to represent their fallen family member and sue the zoo for negligence in hopes of gaining awareness of clumsy photographers in small cages to save fellow bunnies everywhere.. Should they receive a large lump sum of carrots in the process so be it. The bunnies would be doing it for benefits of bunnies everywhere!!!

    p.s. im american. Not all americans are retards.