Buy Lightroom 3 Recently? Get a Free Upgrade to Lightroom 4

Last month some retailers had short sales that heavily discounted Adobe Lightroom 3, selling it at $70 and $80. If you were one of the people who jumped on those deals, here’s some even better news for you: you might qualify for a free upgrade to the newly launched Lightroom 4! Adobe’s upgrade policy offers complimentary upgrades to people who purchase an old version shortly after a new one is announced, but it can also apply to you if you purchased shortly beforehand. Here are instructions on what you’ll need to do.

Upgrade policy after product announcement [Adobe]

  • 3Horn

    I submitted mine last week, and received an update on the 14th that my copy of LR4 had shipped.

    Somehow I don’t think we’ll see Adobe pull this trick again. :)

  • Mike Heller

    How recently would you need to buy LR3 to be eligible for the upgrade to LR4?  30 days? Less/more?

  • Michael Zhang

    I think if you’ve purchased within the past month, it’s very likely you’ll get the upgrade. If it’s a little more than that, I’d still contact them to see if they’d do it :)

  • Maxi Nation Photo

    I was told by CSR that only purchases on or after March 5th will qualify.

  • screscenzo

    If you call the 800-833-6687 customer service number the automated voice says if you purchased before February 6th you are eligible.

  • Mike Heller

    I think you mean *after* Feb 6 ;)

  • HellZiggy

    I just submitted mine for the copy I bought on February 14, so hopefully I’ll get the upgrade! 

  • Kjboorman

    Well thats annoying. I bought mine in December.

  • screscenzo

    Yup. Whoops.

  • Zsolt67

    I purchased mine in January,after a couple email from adobe offering 50,40,30% discount. So I purchased for 149. Maybe poor adobe didnt know that time the lightroom4 price drop :-/ now the upgrade around 60 so all together 210. Was good and fair offer in december.thanks adobe

  • JorgeGortex

    I purchased on the 14th of January which I think is not too long before the beta was released… I paid full retail, so you are lucky Zsolt67. I feel a bit ripped off at this point as it feels like it was a bit of a ripoff b/c had I known LR4 was dropping so quickly I would have waited. And software companies wonder why people pirate software…

  • Anneska

    I also baught in December :(

  • manna

    Bought LR3 in early Feb 2012; Adobe refused to let me upgrade for free to LR4. Switched to Aperture for the same price as the upgrade to LR4 will cost me, and to be honest it is a superior product so I am smiling. If you have a Mac, I strongly recommend to move to Aperture over LR.

  • Philcooper6399

    I too purchased my LR3 in January and my claim was rejected by Adobe.Like manna above i will now move to Aperture as i will not pay to upgrade lightroom, seems adobe have no qualms in ripping of their customers who legitimately purchase the products. I will not succumb to piracy but will not be ripped off at the same time.

  • Nick-ash

    why is the upgrade from LR3 the same price as the upgrade from LR1, that seems unfair.

  • Jonathan Smythe

    WTF is with Adobe?!? Do they hate loyal customers? I purchased Lightroom 3 a few months before ver. 4 was released at what I thought was a good price of $130. About a month b4 ver. 4 released merchants started selling ver. 3 for $70 – $80. When ver. 4 was released, the ppl who purchased ver. 3 within a month ($70 -80) were offered a free upgrade to ver. 4 but I have to pay $79 for the upgrade. Not only that but any previous version is eligible for the $79 upgrade to ver.4. NOT just from ver. 3. I know someone who had ver.2 and only had to pay $79! WTF Adobe. How is that fair? You’re punishing loyal customers that upgrade regularly? I guess it’s time to go to your competition. And YES, you do have competition.