Humorous Portraits of One Couple and Many Looks

For his project Couples, Spanish photographer Nacho Rojo made portraits of himself and his girlfriend mimicking the stereotypical looks of various social groups.

Couples (via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Nacho Rojo

  • Nicole Lewandowski

    Great idea. I wish there was less editing and the girl smiled in a few of them.

  • Bas ter Beek

    Very nico. Although I don’t think the Hello Kitty girl fits with the capguy.

  • Dphii

    Love this, especially the Volvos on the shirt in the last pic.

  • Dave Robertson

    She was smiling..

  • Joseph O. Holmes

    The reflections in the sunglasses are a brilliant touch (seen in the full linked set).

  • stanimir stoyanov


  • MembrilloSun

    Obviously  you´re not from Spain. The “Hello Kitty couple” are the perfect example for  a “choni” and her  “cani” boyfriend. You can find a lot of couples like this in some neighborhoods outside Madrid. 

  • marinie

    en mexico igual ajaja