Think the Giottos Rocket Blower Looks Like a Bomb? The TSA Does Too

The Giottos Rocket is a popular tool used by photographers to remove dust from cameras and glass, but if you’re in love with yours, you might want to think twice about flying with it. Reddit user gynoceros found out the hard way that some TSA airport screeners aren’t too enthusiastic about the Rocket’s shape. He writes,

FYI — If you attempt to fly with a Giottos Rocket Blower (you know, rubber bulb you squeeze to force air down a nozzle to blow dust off your sensor — no metal, no moving parts), the TSA may confiscate it because it “looks like a bomb”, no questions asked.

Just f**king happened to me in Newark. I knew I’d get robbed in Newark one day.

To be fair, it does have an uncanny resemblance to “Fat Man“…

Image credit: Rocket Power by Adam Mulligan

  • Dave

     No one inside the US gives a shit about anything outside the US.

  • Ken Elliott

    And that may be why the TSA agent wanted it.

  • Matthew Sumpter

    As an American… I’m so sad that I can completely agree. It’s depressing. :(

  • Dave_TX

    My Lenspen really puzzled a TSA guy. I likely endangered myself by reaching over and sliding out the brush as I tried to explain that it is used for cleaning camera lenses.

  • Korios

    It does not get much more stupid than this, some TSA agents are total idiots – either ignorant idiots or power hungry, with an ego the size of a 747 idiots.