Apple Patent Reveals Camera Self Timer Triggered by Photographer’s Face

We’ve all seen photographers make mad dashes into group portraits, hoping to get into position before the camera’s self timer automatically snaps a photograph. Apple wants to make those a thing of the past. A new patent filed by the company (#20120057039) describes a new and smarter self-timer system that uses facial recognition in addition to the standard timer. Using a picture of the photographer’s face, the camera will wait until the shooter is in the scene before starting the countdown, ensuring that everyone in the photo has the same amount of time to put on a picture perfect smile.

(via Patently Apple via Ubergizmo)

  • Guest

    What happens if your twin sibling is in the photo as well…?  Hmmm?

  • Aperowboat

    Canon’s PowerShot cameras already have had a similar feature for two years now — a wink-triggered shutter.

  • thenonhacker

    Now it’s easier to make Duck Face Profile Pics!

  • Ciprian Ioan Lazar

    Two years ago, i had a Fuji camera with a “smile-triggered” shutter, used only at close distance. It’s not exactly the same feature, but i just wanted to say that image processing does all the “tricks” these days. So, this news is no news to me … 

  • Sam Carrot

    sounds like really cool technology


  • Duke Shin

    Patents can be this vague and still qualify???
    Hell, I always wanted to be an inventor when I was little. Maybe I can give this a shot.