Photos of a Lone Robot’s Attempt to Coexist with the Natural World

Photographer Thomas Jackson, whose swarm photos we shared earlier this week, has a creative project titled The Robot that “offers a darkly humorous narrataive about a lone robot’s failure to co-exist with the natural world.” It’s a series of photos that brings a cleverly arranged heap of metal to life.

The photos are also available as a super limited edition (11 copies exist) book that’s made with sheet metal and salvaged wood.

The Robot by Thomas Jackson

Image credits: Photographs by Thomas Jackson

  • Squid Dover

    This has really great artistic/visionary feel

  • Nate Parker

    Love these! Great concept!

  • Pepelucho181

    Bien, bien, bien………..Por fin Robots utiles al hombre. Que trabajen para nosotros, que NOS SIRVAN!!!!