Make Personalized Bookmarks Using 35mm Film Strips

If you have some unwanted 35mm negatives lying around and need a simple gift idea, you can try your hand at turning them into one-of-a-kind bookmarks. Simply cut out the actual frames from the film strip and replace them with actual photographs to create film strips that you don’t need to hold up to the light to enjoy.

Create a Stylish Bookmark with 35mm Film [Lomography]

  • Dave

    positives would do..

  • RobL

    Why? There are plenty of 35mm filmstrip templates around. Why not just use one of them in an editing program to create a bookmark that’s one piece rather than a bulky, glued together conglomerate?

  • Rocketshipexpress

    Because then it’s not the thing, maaaaan.

  • Gustavo Alves

    OH ! SO COOOOOOL! Why hellish lomo people have to be so cool? just place any piece of crap between the pages ! >:(