Business Cards that Mimic the Look of an Old Zenit Viewfinder

Greek silkscreen printer Manolis Angelakis was recently tasked with designing a new set of business cards for close friend and photographer Alexandra Stamopoulou. Given her profession, he decided to create a stylish card that emulates the viewfinder of an old Zenit camera. The simple but effective design was silkscreened onto sheets of transparent vinyl.

Image credits: Photographs by Manolis Angelakis and used with permission

  • Mike Philippens

    Very nice! Looks ‘duâh’, which is ancient The Hague (NL) slang for expensive… ;)

  • Rohit kothari

    wowww nice one

  • Nick


  • Ollie Williams

    This has been done before, and I think featured on this blog?

  • Guest

    very nice, definitely stands out. even if it has been done before, what are the chances a potential client has more than a couple, let alone one of these types of cards?

  • Bart Willems

    Ok, not to be a d*ck, but if this is supposed to be a zenit (without the H!!!) viewfinder, then why:

    – are the edges straight
    – is the card clear, instead of coffee-brown
    – is there a split viewfinder
    – corner markers wtf?

    The Zenit-E was my camera for years (and I still have it). I will recognize a zenit viewfinder when I see it. This is not it.

  • Tom

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    Petapixel is welcome ?

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Exactly my sentiments. I own a Zenit EM and the viewfinder is nothing like this.

  • allBcards -BusinessCardsOnline

    Well, not very original, but nice anyway ;-) My main concern is the cost of producing each business card. Do you think it is worth the price?