Everything is a Remix Explores the Derivative Nature of Creativity

Everything is a Remix is a fascinating four-part video series by filmmaker Kirby Ferguson that explores the concept of creativity, and how everything created has some degree of copying, transforming, or combining of old ideas. While the series isn’t specifically directed towards photographers, the ideas are quite relevant to the discussion of “original” work.

  • Richard

    It’s a great series, Kirby has done an outstanding job of clarifying the most important media-related ideas of our age.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously awesome. I feel like a troll of a photographer now however…

  • Flgraphics

    what a remarkable and eye opening series. great work!

  • Sdad

    I wish it were about photography – I might have understood some of it!

  • patrick dinneen

    …but a remix is normally intended (I presume). Films that are similar to others are often just because there’s only so many topics/themes/ to cover. And of course there’s been sooo many films out it very easy to say this film is a remix of…when you have such a massive pool to search through.

  • Renato Murakami

    One of the best arguments I’ve watched… really great job! I think I watched the first part back when it was released, but lost contact with it… thanks for reminding!

  • Stee Jans

    “Remix:  to combine or edit existing materials to produce something new”……so the birth of every human is simply the remix of the parents’ DNA   ;)