Lightroom 3 Priced at $70 at B&H for 24H

Adorama had a Valentine’s Day discount on Adobe Lightroom 3 yesterday, pricing it at just $80. It’s back to $135 now, but if you missed out, you now have another chance: B&H has decided to one-up Adorama by selling the program for just $70. The sale will last until the end of today, so you might want to act fast this time if you’ve been on the fence.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 [B&H Photo Video]

Thanks for sending in the tip, Peter!

  • Guest

    Hahahaha!  You @$$holes!  Major case of “buyer’s remorse” for all those suckers who went to Adorama yesterday. :P

  • Anonymous

    Already on backorder, who knows if you will ever get it from them.  $99 from Amazon, 73 in stock.

  • Mr. Brimm

    Is this useful if you already have bridge/ps? I have never used lightroom.

  • ttt

    sounds cheap, but how much will it cost to upgrade to LR4

  • Felipe Yang

    Actually, it really is. You don’t need to switch back and forth as much as compared to Bridge and PS. It allows you to make batch adjustments really quickly and then you can just take the ones that need more work into photoshop. I would use it instead of Bridge if what you deal with is mostly photos. 

  • Randy

     Yep! I bought this, hoping that the upgrade is less than $150 or so. :)

  • Phillip Reed

    I ordered Lightroom from Adorama yesterday. This morning I dropped them a note telling them about the B&H sale and lower price. Adorama gave me a price match.
    So Guest? Suck it.

  • Guest

    Wow, fair play to them, and well done on your part, Phil!  Guess I should be more generous with my benefit-of-doubt.