A Sneak Peek At the New Content Aware Move Tool in Photoshop CS6

If you think Content Aware Fill is an amazing Photoshop feature, wait till you play around with the new content aware tools found in Photoshop CS6. In addition to a new Patch Tool for selecting where you want to Content Aware Fill from, the program will also introduce new a Content Aware Move tool that lets you easily move portions of your photographs around and extend them intelligently.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    One more reason for photojournalists to ‘shop their snaps.

  • Cochese

    I can see the “Extend” feature getting used a lot…

  • Chrswggl

     I can finally lay off the “enhancement” pills

  • Flgraphics

    that is downright scary

  • Joshua Pierson

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve said it for years! Now finally, I have proof… Bryan O’Neil Hughes is a witch.

  • Anonymous

    These demos are always impressive, but then when you actually use the tool in Photoshop, it’s shit. Content aware fill sounded great but I almost never use it and get a better result cloning it manually.

  • ASM

    Recompose (Photoshop)!!! Refocus (Lytro)!!!!! Looks like the next Generation will have to be good retoucher rather than good Photographer!!!

  • Matthew Cairns

    It’s still easier to take a good photograph then to change the composition in photoshop.

  • David Thunander

    I actually find myself using content aware fill more often than i ever thought. Works like a charm most of the times.

  • Felipe Yang

    Did you watch the video? They manually selected where to clone from but Content Aware did a better job than a simple clone.

  • Felipe Yang

    The North Korean government public relations department has this on pre-order.

  • javi

    Technically it is Photoshop 13. Or Photoshop CS 6….

  • Anonymous

    I did. Have you ever used content aware fill? I guarantee these tools will not work as well as this video shows.

  • Wil Fry

    “Photoshop 6″? Photoshop 6.0 came out in Sept. 2000 or so; I used it in our newspaper office in the early years of that decade. I can only assume the article meant “Photoshop CS6″, which is not the same thing.

    EDIT: And now I see that javi has made the same note just above me…

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks :)

  • Jason Heilig

    I have used content aware fill, and you’re the one who is full of it.

    PEBKAC. Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair.

  • Anonymous

    Prove it. You can’t. The tool blows. Just admit it.

  • CS6User

    Thewirehead is right…. Ive just used content aware move and it totally sux balls…. no suprises there. Another advertising stunt….