Kodak to Kill Off Its Camera Business

Shocking news: Kodak, the company that invented the first digital camera back in 1975, announced today that it is pulling out of the camera market entirely. The phasing out of digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and digital picture frames will likely happen by the end of June. Instead, the company will be focusing on licensing out its patents and brand name (much like Polaroid does), and on inkjet photo printing. Although Kodak wasn’t a big player in the digital camera space, it was once a dominant camera maker in the days of film. The original Kodak Brownie helped popularize consumer photography and introduced the concept of the snapshot.

(via Kodak via CNET)

Image credit: Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak Camera by Capt Kodak, Anniversary Kodak Camera by Capt Kodak, First Digital Camera by Brett Jordan, Kodak EasyShare C533 Digital Camera by Capt Kodak

  • Steven Jones

    No more Brownies.

  • Iam12whatsthat

    My Mom made some last night.  Don’t worry.  Have enough to share.

  • Davidmills007

    They have made some good products over the years, cameras was never there best, apart from the Brownie which started it all off

  • Spider- Man
  • Kyoshinikon

    First she took my kodachrome away, now the big yellow mother is putting up her other kids for adoption… :|

  • Wolf_girl_92


  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest. No one is going to notice there is no longer Kodak cameras.
    not even the film division … Kodak is dead.

  • GregPodolec

    to think they invented the digital camera. Now, they’re nobody. Just
    goes to show you – initials like CEO, COO, CFO, after your name,
    sometimes just mean incompetence and ineptitude. I wouldn’t trust these
    guys to run my household budget. All the analysts agree – it wasn’t the
    “economy,” etc, these men at Kodak simply didn’t have the brain cells
    to run a corporation in today’s market.  CEO Antonio Perez himself, directly, caused tens of thousands of people in Rochester, NY to lose their jobs and go through hard
    times… While he still lives in the lap of luxury.
    Something isn’t right…
    Those of us in the biz, have known for at least a decade, that Kodak = low quality.  Except for their film.  So sad…

  • Iam12whatsthat

    lots of tv commercials, movies, etc still use 35mm film.

  • Ian Ludwig

    What of their film?

  • Ian Ludwig

     Found in source link:

    “The traditional film capture and photographic paper business,
    which continues to provide high-quality and innovative products and
    solutions to consumers, photographers, retailers, photofinishers and
    professional labs. “

  • Joseph de Lange

    Kodak is history and also it has always been a sign of quality and invention. I am sorry to see it has come to this.

  • GregPodolec

     Yeah.  I’m in the consumer elec/photo industry, I learned that Bestbuy stopped carrying their dcams after 2010 because there was an incredibly high rate of return.  I call on Bestbuy and I learned even their associates would warn customers not to buy any Kodak products (dcams, printers, digital frames, accessories, because they were “guaranteed” to break within months.  And they were right. 

  • GregPodolec

     Their professional films were excellent.  And I believe that most films that are still shot in film are shot on Kodak. 

  • Evy

    It’s sad. I remember, way back in Indonesia… we used to refer to a camera as ‘kodak’. We would say: “Hey do you have kodak with you?” 

  • Guest

    bought some brownies a while back, one has undeveloped film with three shots left–do you think it’s worth it to pay however much it costs to process 620 film, for what will likely result in nothing?

    by the way, how much does it cost to process outdated film like that?

  • Guest

    bought some brownies a while back, one has undeveloped film with three shots left–do you think it’s worth it to pay however much it costs to process 620 film, for what will likely result in nothing?

    by the way, how much does it cost to process outdated film like that?

  • Mantis

    You win the internet!

  • Erika Fletcher

    Ugh, this makes me so sad. The ONLY reason I’m currently sporting a Sony Cybershot opposed to a Kodak EasyShare is because the Sony was a Christmas present after my Kodak got stolen. If I had had the choice, I would have definitely purchased another Kodak.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Hopefully “the company will be focusing on licensing out its patents” doesn’t mean that they’ll be a copyright troll dragging every profitable company on the planet through court over far fetched IP claims.

  • Chicago Nick

    I was a printing, typesetting and film stripping person at the Chicago Trib and other smaller commercial shops for years and used their products all day every day back in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Horizontal Cameras, high speed copiers, color copiers, all that stuff.  Actually I think all that crap (developing film all day) gave me MS I now have today :( Nerve damage. Another story.

    Not to mention literal weekly skids of silver based film and plate material all from Kodak… it’s sad, as that entire industry of film and printing and publishing on the lower end are Dead On Arrival. Lots and lots of gone jobs.

    Some like me morphed to this, but many didn’t or couldn’t. It’s one of our greatest American industrial icons. Too bad. Next is IBM I guess. Obamanomics, coming to create a ghetto near you SOON!! :(

  • Lolilol

    WTF ?  Nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with Obama. Kodak was already dying way before Obama. GregPodolec has summed up what happened: incompetent management.

  • TheCTwelve

    IBM is not going away. They’re just not a consumer company; like GE, nearly everything they make is targeted at other businesses. It is utterly impossible to use an ATM, trade a stock, buy an airline ticket without IBM being involved.