Adobe Creative Cloud to Offer CS6, LR4, and 20GB Storage for $50/Month

Adobe’s cloud-based subscription program, called Creative Cloud, now has a price tag: $50/month with a minimum one-year agreement. Subscribing will get you access to the latest version of Adobe’s popular programs (e.g. CS6 and Lightroom 4) without the pain of shelling out big bucks for buying the boxed version and subsequent upgrades. In addition to receiving updates to the programs as soon as they’re released, you’ll also be given 20GB of cloud storage that can be used for syncing your work.

(via VentureBeat)

  • Anonymous

    It says “starting” at $49.99/month and “up to” 20gb storage. I wonder what exactly you’ll get for that fifty bucks. Nevertheless, for a small business, that’s not actually that bad an idea.

  • arttyIV

    I’m very intrigued…

  • wickerprints

    What a rip-off.  20GB is not a lot of space for a photographer, unless all you’re doing is putting your final JPEGs up.  You might fit about 1000 raw files, never mind any layered PSDs.  Then consider the cost.  $50/mo x 12 mo/year = $600/year.  for two years of service, you may as well BUY the software (one PS5 business license is $700; upgrades are $200).  This makes NO financial or technological sense whatsoever.  You would need a network connection, so no organizing or editing in the field.

  • Kyoshinikon

    Don’t want it as I do my work offline mostly…

  • Gabor Szantai

    I guess you will be allowed to use offline. 

  • Anonymous

    You made absolutely no sense calling it a rip-off. Of course it’ll be cheaper to buy the full license if you only use Photoshop!! The full creative suite on the other hand is around $2500 so depending on the user, the monthly subscription can be a pretty good deal.

  • Gabor Szantai

    From the Creative Cloud’s site:

    “Adobe Creative Cloud will be available worldwide in the first half of 2012. While traditional licenses of CS software will still be offered, a membership to Creative Cloud provides more benefits than simply owning desktop software. You’ll get all the CS tools, Adobe Touch Apps, and services, plus new features, products, and services as soon as they are released — meaning immediate access to the latest Adobe innovations at no extra cost.”

  • Steve Blizzard

    “No, the Creative Suite products will not be cloud based or streamed to your computer. The products themselves are never “stored” in the cloud. When you have membership to Creative Cloud, you can select your favorite products (or try new ones) and download them to your computer for use. Every tool from Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to new solutions like Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse will continue to be installed directly on your computer just as they are today. You will not need an ongoing Internet connection to use these products on a daily basis.”

  • Jason

     You will be able to use it off-line. I remember reading somewhere you don’t need the internet to use it after the activation.

    This won’t be much use to me as I only use PS and LR. I’m waiting to see what will happen to the upgrade prices for PS CS3 and PS CS4 when PS CS6 is announced after the announcement and then rethink over Christmas.

  • Senen L

    I don’t know how people can be calling this a ripoff. They’re offering pretty much all of their software for a pretty damn decent price with updates included. 

    I guess people find “free” a hard proposition to compete against

  • Dave

     You spoke before you actually thought I hope. I use half a dozen of these programs and it looks to me like this is a much cheaper option.

  • Jason Northcutt

    Just for me to go from CS4 to 5.5 is $649.  Plus every year a new upgrade comes out so that is another $349.  Not to mention the extra parts that are included … oh and that it is tax deductible.  Not a rip off at all.  If all you use is Ps probably not for you.  But those that are in design etc, it could be a great benefit.

  • Jason

     Absolutely, not for me, but I can see a great benefit for those that use a lot more of the suite of programs.

  • Clikglobal

    You can use if offline but you have to “authenticate” it via the Internet every 30 days. It includes the full “Master Suite CS 5.5″ and all upgrades. You can download and install any of the programs whenever you want on up to 2 computers….  At least that’s what Adobe Sales is telling me.

  • Dave

     yeah reading is a good idea before spouting off:

    All the Creative Suite desktop tools. Download and use any Creative Suite tool you choose, or work with other products you’ve been wanting to try — including Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and new Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse.

  • Archicg

    there is a minimum of 1 year licence agreement where you have to pay the $50. During this period of time i assume you get all the Adobe programs including updates. What happens after the 1st year if i decide not to pay anymore? It is logical that i wont maybe get any new updates but will the programs loose the license?
    Can someone explain this agreement more in detail please!


  • Johann The Fifth

    It isn’t free.  It is a sale.  I think the problem is the whole packaged deal.  All the complainers are likely like me.  They use Photoshop, they use Lightroom, I went Sony Vegas for my video work as Premiere was overkill and I’m a n00b there.

    For myself and those like me this deal does not do enough.  It isn’t tailored for us.I agree with you, though.  It isn’t a rip-off.  As long as they upgrade a significant amount of these programs every two-four years on average?  You are making out in terms of raw spending.  This is a pretty suite deal that I wish I could justify taking advantage of.  

  • Alan Dove

    This makes a lot of sense from both Adobe’s and users’ perspectives. Adobe is trying to keep up with Apple, which has been nibbling at their lunch for several years now and will undoubtedly introduce some cloud-based subscriptions for creative software in their desktop “App Store.”

    For users, it brings design businesses the same option that other businesses and municipalities are already using: leasing software rather than buying it. It also lowers the barriers for folks who are just starting out in business or just exploring a new technology (e.g. wedding photographers who are thinking about adding video services).

    And of course if you don’t like the price, don’t buy it.

  • A.J. Leitch

    From what I understand, after the first year, you would be able to cancel your subscription… and loose the ability to work with any of the products.  BUT, you would be able to resubscribe at any time on a month to month basis.  i.e. you’ve got a job for June and July, subscribe.  Nothing in August, cancel.  That’s what I understood from some reading a while back.  I could be completely wrong though.  Ahhh… the beauty of words on the internet.

  • Christian Johansson

    There’s no way that you will get the whole package for 50 bucks a month. I’m guessing more 100 bucks/month for the package on the picture

  • Not Happening Adobe

    I’ll never rent Adobe software.

    I am a long time Adobe user from the 90’s but this latest money grab with subscription is the final straw for me, I’ll never buy into the Cloud model. I am already looking for alternatives, and fortunately I am finding them. The hardest program to replace is probably Photoshop, second would be after effects, but NukeX is looking pretty good to me, and Corel isn’t bad. Whatever it takes, because paying a monthly fee to use these programs is never going to happen.

    If you don’t think this is a money grab, consider this – if this is all for the users who can’t afford to drop a lot of bucks at once, why not offer financing ? You can buy a car with either financing or lease it, either choice gets you the car for a monthly fee. The reason they aren’t offering that, and aren’t offering to let users continue to pay a one time fee to purchase the software is obvious, it’s a money grab, it’s sole purpose is to force users into a “system” that they then can’t get out of without losing everything.

    Adobe is done. Their Board of Directors has finally gone too far, and their investors will find that out when Adobe can’t make their subscription numbers. Already they are losing, they are figuring out that when it comes right down to it their users won’t pay a subscription fee when the choice is between Adobe software or paying their cell phone bill.