Comic: Canon, Nikon, and iPhone

A funny photography-related remix of a well-known Dueling Analogs comic.

(via Dueling Analogs via Reddit)

  • coolface

    It’s funny because he’s a Ginger.

  • lloyd


  • Anonymous

    I’m a ginger and I thought this comment was funny.

  • Markus WET

     gingers are a race now?

  • Alex


  • Azety Azety

    i dont get why people see Nikon users as an old office worker and canon users like and young and fresh man.
    ( but people who call themself as photographer when they use instagram ARE gingers : no soul ! )

  • Jon Lennart Aasenden

    I want the karaoke version !

  • otherWyse

    I own Pentax gear. Why did I not get a baseball bat also? (Left out again)


  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    What’s a pentax? ;)

  • supertak

    something that photographers use ;)

  • Joe Brandibas

     The extra money you give to the government for buying pens

  • Chris Scott

    Wow lol this is great! Though Nikon rules

  • Joni

    Samsung cameras and cameraphone.
    Yes hard to admit the fact

  • John James

    Nikon guy’s targeting Canon in the last picture

  • Beau Nash

    No wonder his iPhone’s bent.

  • zdroberts

    They’re the camera company that used to make the K1000 – you know the camera that ever freshman photo student at community college has? (it’s a joke, I actually have a k1000 and use it more often than my F5)