Artist Reveals Hidden Images Found in Everyday Photos

Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink likes to take a closer look at photographs and then draw whatever her playful imagination reveals to her. Her website stop:watch is a collection of these “what it is” and “what I see” comparisons.

stop:watch (via Coudal)

Image credits: Photographs and drawings by Tineke Meirink and used with permission

  • koolaid

    interesting indeed…

  • ryandigweed

    Amazing work !. Really creative

  • Melo

    Unique thinking.

  • mythbuster

    funny and creative!

  • Guest

    very cute, I like the ones that are less obvious (like the bike handlebars that turn into.. a fish? lol)

  • Guest

    You should check this :

  • hey!

    check  this too : http://je–te–

  • Petapixel Box
  • Angie

    This is very amusing! I love the geisha the most but all of the illustrations really bring life to the pictures.