Classic 1933 L.L.Bean Catalog Illustration Faithfully Recreated as a Photograph

L.L.Bean recently decided to celebrate its 100-year anniversary by having commercial photographer Randal Ford recreated a classic 1933 catalog cover as a photograph. It’s amazing how faithfully Ford and his team was able to recreate the illustration — some of the vintage clothing had to be purchased off eBay!

Here’s a closer look at the photograph:

…and the cover it was based on:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how it was accomplished:

(via L.L.Bean via PopPhoto)

Image credits: Photograph by Randal Ford/L.L.Bean

  • Anonymous

    I kind of wish they’d just pay illustrators to make their covers again.

  • mythbuster

    Great shot! A lot of work indeed.

  • Gary

    Why’s the boy wearing Wellies?

  • Eeeee

    for a “lot of work and research” that went behind this shot… they missed a lot of things.

  • mythbuster

    I think it´s not intended to make an exact copy but a faithful “re-creation” as the title says. The resulting picture has a retro charm I like very much.

  • Ivan

    Larger aperture to isolate subjects from the background would have worked better. Look at the background at the original illustration and compare it with the photograph.

  • Anonymous

    Whine whine whine, moan, bitch, whine. Oh hey, nice shot, but… whine whine moan bitch.

    The commentators on this blog seems to be increasingly more knowledgeable as the days go by. The know more and more how someone else should do their job… 

  • Charles

    Agreed. . .