Sh*t Photographers Say: The Things You Always Hear Photographers Say

There’s an Internet meme called “Sh*t People Say” that has been spreading around the web like crazy recently, sparked by a new YouTube web series called “Sh*t Girls Say“. Here’s the photographer’s version.

(via dvafoto)

  • Dana Sibera

    Ahaha. “I was thinking about starting a project on homeless people”. So many, so many…

  • Jon Knobelock

    I have never heard anyone say, “I think I’m gonna c-41 process my slide film” its cross process get it right! also a few of those were funny.

  • Adam

    I’ve said about 40% of the stuff on this. Sigh.

  • Kyle Ford
  • Charles Hidalgo

    The B&H comment made me laugh out loud!!! Ive needed to order something when I couldn’t during the holiday!

  • Janez

    yeah man, what’s up with the magenta, it’s always magenta!

  • Aaro Keipi

    I’ve only said about 10% of these. That makes me feel better about myself.

  • Robert Pena

    What, nothing about 365 projects or 52 week projects?

  • Anonymous

    Ok. 1-It really wasn’t that funny. And 2, for photographers, an extreme lack of creativity. Who would of thought all those hipsters would do something so mainstream? 

  • Josofa Harris

    No mention of Chromatic Aberration aka CA or did I miss it. I work in a camera shop so this type of thing is common.  More common unfortunately is the question “I am about to shoot my first wedding can you set my camera for me?”

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? Nobody said the most “dropped” term in photography? BOKEH? What about MWAC’s or “I only shoot natural light.” You guys could do better.

  • Flirty Farmhand

    “This is why I charge $4000 for wedding shoots…First I need to get paid for….blah blah blah”

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    You can tell the video was done by photographers because the audio and video aspect were terrible….

  • Adam

    You don’t say bokeh, you just do it.

  • JorjeSanlucas

    This is Sh*t Photographers say not Sh*t Photo Retail Customers Say.  There is an enormous difference.

  • Anonymous

    Not exactly as commonly talked about as you’d imagine in the professional field… feel free to make your own video if you have better ideas. 

  • Anonymous

    lol, B&H on holiday again. So true.

  • 8fps

    A video about photography without Vivian Maier being mentioned at least a couple of  times?

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Shit Photographers say: “… I don’t get paid enough money!” 
    Really! I don’t! ;)

  • softirishrain

    no one said “say cheese”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a professional photographer for 18 years and MWAC is a term I hear people complain about plenty. And every newbie loves to use the term bokeh. And, I’ll make sure to post our video once it’s done. You guys did cover a lot of the “hipster” terms like Holga, Leica, film etc. This video seems to have been made for a sub genre of photographers.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like somebody might be a little offended by criticism. Your video is good and you guys have the pieces. I think you could have executed it better. I forwarded it to a bunch of my photographer buddies (all full-time professionals) and they didn’t see as much humor as they anticipated. 

  • Tom the PhotoSaur

    I concur. I have been shooting over 30 years, have said it all and heard it all. This was phoned-in. What happened to the traditional process of pre-production, writing the script and rehearsing? S#!t Girls say IS funny. This photographer’s S$!T barely smells a little weird. There is an art to this and it is in the writing. I take issue with the thin veneer of pretense given the the photographer’s mind set. Though we photographers come from a dark mix of Weegee, Arbus, and ManRay these inexperienced hipsters are just lazy students being critical. I do miss my Nikon F3hp….I do not miss paying $225 to have my fixer hauled.

  • Josofa Harris

    Thanks, I totally missed that in the title.
    It’s good to know my position working retail store somehow makes anything I say null and void?  Not like I would overhear or actually speak with photographers of all levels, working in a camera store.  I didn’t realize this was Sh*t That Photographers say outside of retail locations.

    I will give you that there is certainly a distinct difference between pro photographers, amateur photographers, and the person that takes snapshots.  However they are in my opinion all photographers just of differing skill levels and talents.

  • Guest

    this isn’t shit photogs say, this is shit hipsters with cameras say.

  • Guest

    They should use the comments in this list…. some of the responses are just as accurate. 

  • Stock Photos

    LOL @ the “hipsters with cameras” comment… 


    Ive never said any other this stuff

  • Deusex

    c-41 is a kind of cross process so it’s ok

  • Marja

    OK, that’s creepy.  That girl looks like me… or how I looked about 3 years ago!  Hair and the face.  I also go on about how much I miss film, but I don’t really say the things here otherwise.

    The quotes are more photo-enthusiasts than working photographers; and the one quote missing from this video is “Okay, 1, 2, 3, perfect! One more… 1, 2, 3, awesome!”  But all in all, I LOL’d.

  • Marja

    I was thinking that, too.  We’d just call it cross-processing, but maybe they felt they needed to explain it to people watching the video.

  • Marja

    I don’t know what bokeh or MWAC mean; never heard either before.  “Made with absurd crassness?” “My white a** cheek?” LOL.