Portraits of Ladies in Cardboard Outfits

Dame di Cartone (“Cardboard Ladies”) is a project by Swiss-Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini in which he creates portraits of women that mimic the look of historical paintings. The styles include 17th century, fifties, and cubism.

You can find the entire series here.

Image credits: Photographs by Christian Tagliavini and used with permission

  • David Williams


  • Igogosh

    AMAAAAZING:) I like those

  • Seasidebumette

     3rd one down needs to see a doctor…..

  • Peter3468

    The fact that the third model is being used is a disgrace. She needs help.

  • Pixelbrat

    3rd one down needs a cheeseburger… or 3.

  • Brent Eades

    Was mildly interested until I got to #3, which is simply… horrifying.