Teens Photograph Lego Minifigure at Edge of Space for $400

A couple weeks ago, 17-year-old Canadian teens Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad successfully sent a Lego man and four cameras to the edges of space on a weather balloon and captured photographs of the figurine posing with a Canadian flag at 78,000 feet — three times the cruising altitude of jets. They spent $400 on materials and four months of free Saturdays planning, buying, making, building, and testing:

[…] the two scoured Craigslist and Kijiji for used point-and-shoots. They needed Canons, which can be programmed to take photos every 20 seconds without stopping.

Next they sewed the parachute. “By no means are we, like, seamstresses,” says Ho. “We broke like, what, four needles? It was ridiculous.”

[…] Finally, they assembled the whole thing, carefully carving out space inside the Styrofoam container for the three point-and-shoots, the wide-angle video camera, and a cellphone with a downloaded GPS app. They super-glued their Lego astronaut to a gangplank on the outside, and printed off a Canadian flag for him to hold.

The vessel completed a 97-minute journey and captured plenty of footage and photos along the way. You can view a gallery of the images here.

Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 kilometres high (via Make)

  • Kyoshinikon

    Gopro would have been better…

  • Tavis Dunn

    I agree, you should buy one for them!

  • Brenda Boulanger

    Awesome job!! Way to go fellow Canadians

  • NewtsLeftTesticle

    From the article:

    “They needed Canons, which can be programmed to take photos every 20 seconds without stopping.”

  • Gern Blanston

    And I was like, sorry I didn’t know it could be sucked into a jetliner causing it to crash and like everyone on board got like killed and stuff.

  • timo musgrove

    if only the legoman was wearing a space suit….. “sry far too tempted to post that”

  • Alex Masters

    ..As can GoPros.

  • Korios

    Wow, excellent work, well done! I am just glad they didn’t bring down any plane ^.^

  • Philip

    Do you understand how phenomenally infinitesimally the chances are for this to  occur? 

  • Philip


  • Guest

    The edges of space? No. How about the upper atmosphere? Yes.

  • Evgeni Petrov

    Awesome! I hope more teens get inspired to do such things rather than refresh Facebook all day. Everything is possible.

  • Meyerlarve

    chemtrails everywhere

  • Idiot Police

    you’re an idiot. weather balloons go up all over the place literally all the time, and when was the last time you heard of a weather balloon being sucked into a jetliner and killing them? plus, jet engines are designed to ingest much larger/harder things and not cause an accident. take your idiocy somewhere else.

  • Cyclops

    This is incredible, coming from seventeen year olds. Dunno what the lot of you are complaining about!

  • mythbuster

    Only 400 bucks? NASA must learn Canadian efficiency!

  • Hendrik Mans

    Not impressed until they send a live Pokemon up there.

  • jon cassidy

    Hmm is it just me that thinks that if they were going to send up a lego figure it should have been from the Lego star wars series!

  • gerlos

    Simply awesome! Amazing project and amazing shots! I’m tempted to give it a try…

  • Alan Retentive
  • Gernblanston

    About as small as… lets say birds getting sucked into both engines causing both to fail. That could never happen could it.

  • Gern Blanston

    Yes they do, with strict adherence to FAR 101. Go read it, it uses big words but I trust your little sister can decode it for you.

  • Csiguenza

    Yes, but a Canon Point and Shoot can be bought for $50 or so used, while a GoPro is $200 to $300. They didn’t need to double the budget just to use a GoPro.

  • Mantis

    Tin foil hats!  Get your tin foil hats here!  Just a dollar!  Tin foil hats here!

  • yourmother

    i’m sure your little sister read the article and noticed they were from Canada.  Please link me the Canadian regulations.  Thanks

  • will hall

    Ive wondered if you could suspend a model rocket from the base, then have it trigger once the balloon pops to give it a jump start. Also, what’s the max payload on one of these things?

  • Pourio Lee

    Awesome. Now I want to try this.

  • Just kidding

    Was the $400 Canadian $? Or American?

  • Hesperryp

    kind of a matter of perspective. you say upper atosmphere they say edge of space, glass half full type thing

  • Charles Stafford

    Perhaps people should have read the full article, clearly states:

    “(They also checked to make sure the flight wouldn’t be dangerous or illegal.)”

  • Alex Todo

    And they were showered with Captain Crunch, as is tradition.

  • Ethnocentric

    Which is why an american has never done something this cool.. 

    point made

  • Pandaman69

    I have some questions. Are there any rules to this?? What if it flies off and lands/crashes in cars/traffic??  I just fear doing this only because of someone wanting or trying to sue me because they crashed or something.

    Acme(DOT)labs(AT)hotmail(dot)com    <—-  for you or anyone else seeing this.


  • Doctorkesl

    Now this, this is awesome.good shit fellas

  • Doctorkesl

    The edge of space is rather far and i fear neither we nor our great great great great great great great great great great great great greatgreat great great great great great great greatgreat great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren Would see the photos cause they have to get back and that may take while. Also consider, the edge of space would be farther away once you got there since it’s expnding. The other alternative is that there is no edge because the universe is a donut with a blackhole in the middle or it’s like a gigantic planet with no definte edge, or it actually is infite and good luck tryig to find the edge of infinity. I think they meant the outer reaches of the troposphere, since it’s at least 100,000 feet before you get anywhere near the actual limits of our atmosphere.

  • Doctorkesl

    Also, don’t try this in the US cause you’ll get shot in the face by the military and then sued by conservative liberal vegetarian soccer moms

  • Spiritofliliana

    Maybe you should read the regs a little closer smartass!! That is not the section that applies to unmanned under 4 lb balloons!! Very few regs for unmanned less than 4 lb balloons. You are truly an ignorant idiot!!

  • Duke Shin

    I see the Canadian space program has a long way to go.