Canon 5D Mark III Spotted in Kenya?

Photographer Stephen Oachs over at Aperture Academy caused quite a stir yesterday after sharing some photographs he took of a Japanese photographer he spotted in Kenya. The photographer revealed that he was field testing a new Canon 200-400mm with a built-in teleconverter, but what caught Oachs attention was the camera body the man was using — a Canon DSLR that he didn’t recognize. He writes,

You can see it in the photos I took… I see the “Q” button located by the big wheel on the right, which on the 7D is currently located on the top left. The battery grip seems to have a joystick. I also noticed a “Rate” button…hrm, any ideas?

Is this the new 5D Mark III, or maybe the 7D Mark II? This info I was not able to determine.

Here’s a closer look at the camera:

Now compare it to the existing Canon 5D Mark II:

…and the Canon 7D:

What differences do you notice, and which line do you think this new camera is a part of?

A third possibility is that the camera is a merger of the Canon 5D and 7D lines, similar to what Canon did with the 1Ds and 1D lines in the new 1D X. The new camera looks like it has the same 3:2 aspect ratio LCD screen as the 1D X. The rear configuration looks more like the 7D, but at the same time it looks like a full frame camera, and there isn’t a built-in flash.

You can find the rest of the photographs here.

(via Aperture Academy via Canon Rumors)

As a side note, the photographer told Oachs that he thinks that the new 200-400mm will be available sometime in March or April.

Image credit: Photograph by Stephen Oachs

  • Anonymous

    I think the biggest giveaway is that it doesn’t appear to have an onboard flash, which should put it in the professional 5D range.

  • Oomkins

    Look at the on/off switch and the symbols of the buttons being right on the button. These are both consistant with the current 7D. My guess is that it’s a 7D II prototype. Not to mention he’s using a fast focusing long range lens, likely testing the new 7D’s AF capabilities. I like it.

  • Esquimo

    it looks more like a 7D because of the power switch on top left whereas on the 5D (like the 1D) it’s below the wheel on the right

  • Obleyr

    It LOOKS more like a 7D, but that doesn’t mean it is a 7Dmkii. Canon could easily have taken the advancements from the 7d body and adapted them for a 5dmkiii. You know?

  • Leigh Smith

    “but at the same time it looks like a full frame camera”. What does a full frame camera look like? You can’t see the sensor!I would say its a 7D MKII, but the lack of built in flash is puzzling. I do like the idea of merger of the 5 and 7 maybe call it the 6D? As long as its full frame that is.

  • Mike

    The joystick on the battery grip is an interesting touch.  Nice to be able to quickly change the AF point when shooting verticals.  Wish they would have thought of that sooner.

  • Esquimo

    yes I know :) but that was more than a wish, because I don’t like the switch being placed on the side of the hand holding the lens :)

  • Kyoshinikon

    Canon seems to have put something useful on this round…  I have been bugging nikon to add a rate button for years (Nikon has horrible customer service that canon seems to have the polar opposite of)  Pity I’m not a 7D fan (have a soft spot for the 5dmk2 though

  • Jesse Kline

    I’m confused. It appears that the lens says 600mm and not 200-400… Am I missing something here?

  • Michael Zhang

    You can see the other lens in the other photos:

  • Kyoshinikon

    The original leak stated that he was testing a new 200-400mm and 600mm

  • Aaro Keipi

    I don’t see Canon merging the 5D mark II and the 7D. If it’s full-frame it’ll be a 5D mk III, and if it’s crop it’ll be the 7D mk II. I’d expect the 5D mk III to roll out first too, since the current 5D is older than the 7D.

  • Jesse Kline

    Thanks guys. I was just a little confused. =D

  • Jamal Photo

    it’s too small to be a 5D

  • Kimberly Siebert

    did anyone notice the black tape covering the name of the camera (right under the screen)…. SO YEAH, HE’S TESTING AND DIDNT WANNA GET BUSTED. I watch way too much CSI crap.. jus’ sayin’

  • Steven Blackwood

    The 60d also has the power switch on the top left.

  • David

    My guess is 5D, since Canon went through the trouble of adding built-in wireless flash trigger with the 7D pop-up flash.  They would be getting rid of that with this “upgrade.”

  • Farral

    Did anyone nitice that on the first three pictures (those with 200-400mm lens) there is different camera without knob on the top left side (this with TV, A, P, M…), with extra LCD screen on the build-in grip and also without build-in flash? Is this any current model or something new as well?

  • Phil

    Looks like a 1 Series

  • Byrd TT

    that’s the possibility. But many pros who work in the field tape the name/model of the camera, especially those rangefinder styles. I’ve been thru many workshops with photojournalists and I could say that 80% taped out the logo/brand/model name…

  • Scott Zanarky

    True, but as the 7D is the first of its generation, we can’t know for sure how much time Canon will leave between releases. Without that information, it could just as easily be a 7D Mark II.

  • Kuntal Gupta

    I hope the “Merger” means A Better ISO Performance (Atleast 6400) on APS-C Body like 7D , Something close equivalent to D7000 ? Not a Full Frame but still ? 

  • Todd

    you can tell by the size of the eyepiece

  • Glenn Pearson


  • OSAM

    What, like Nikon’s been doing since the D80/D200 series? Not trolling, just noting that it’s nothing new, just something new for Canon.  Like colour metering.

  • OSAM

    7D: 148x111x74
    5DII: 152x114x75
    (Source: DPReview)

    Can you detect, from these images, a 4x3x1mm difference in size?

  • Ssshng

     maybe is not any new camera…. just a camera canon people put up with best part in hand, and used solely for testing purpose only..