Life Archive of Photo Enthusiast Being Uploaded to Flickr One Image at a Time

During his lifetime, MIT engineer and businessman Nick DeWolf founded the giant electronic testing company Teradyne and designed more than 300 semiconductor and electronic test systems. In his spare time he was also an avid photography enthusiast, carrying a camera with him at all times. After his death, his son-in-law Steve Lundeen began working to archive and share the enormous body of work. Lundeen is currently publishing the original sets of photographs to Flickr at a rate of 20-50 images per day, and has already uploaded a whopping 50,000 photographs. You can follow along and enjoy the time-travelling pre-digital stream of images by following the Nick DeWolf Photo Archive’s photostream.

Nick DeWolf Photo Archive’s photostream (via Gizmodo)

  • Trevor

    This might be a silly question, but how does he get round Flickr’s stipulation that you should only upload “content you have created”?

  • Grace

    Probably has something to do with the fact that its HIS FATHER. I’ve seen quite a few account on Flickr that are more Tumblr than anything. At least he is honoring his father’s lifetime work.

  • Grahame

    I think he gets around the Flickr’s stipulation by being upfront about the work. I think Flickr’s restriction on all work being one’s own is really an attempt, however futile, to prevent people passing off the work of other’s as their own. But that’s not the case here. There’s also the historical value of the work to consider.

  • Anonymous