How TIME Magazine’s Portraits of Protestors Were Photographed

TIME magazine named “The Protester” as its “Person of the Year” last year. This behind-the-scenes video shows how photographer Peter Hapak traveled around to seven different countries to capture portraits of protestors for the story. The resulting photographs can be viewed here.

The Protester: A Portfolio by Peter Hapak (via PopPhoto)

  • Felipe Yang

    And in unrelated news, several known protestors around the world have been reported missing by their families.

  • Ernie

    Is that a 50 1.2?

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    It is indeed.

  • Richard

    Looks like a 50L. The only other lens with that hood is the 85L but I’m guessing you’re right, it’s a 50 which is excellent for those kinds of shots (as is the 85).

    This is an incredible video, thanks for posting it Michael.

  • Anonymous

     I think there’s a Hasselblad there too.

  • Abdulhashimrafique

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  • 9inchnail

    “Ahmed Harara is a dentist. While protesting during the Egyptian
    revolution in January, he was struck in the eye by a rubber bullet.
    Blinded in that eye, he continued to protest. Then, during the November
    protests in Tahrir Square, Ahmed was shot in his other eye by a rubber
    bullet. Now he is completely blind.”

    Wow, that guy is really out of luck. And all for what? The next egyptian government ain’t gonna be much better than Mubarack. Swap one dictator for another, this time propably a religious fanatic. At least he doesn’t have to see that anymore.

  • Abdulhashimrafique