Diptychs of Clouds and Cloud Watchers

Before We Begin is a project by photographer Christopher Jonassen (whose frying pan photos we featured here) that consists of diptychs showing clouds and cloud watchers. The images capture peaceful “moments of reflection between thought and action.”

Before we begin (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Christopher Jonassen

  • Dan C

    :D That looks like fun.

  • Unfknbelievable

    It think these would be more effective if they matched or at least shot on the same day.

  • Nerberg

    I think he would have done that if only the weather and clouds were acting at his behest, however, last I heard that’s still not possible.
    Not to mention the people depicted being available on the same day.
    I think you need to grab a camera and get a feel on just how time-consuming even one image can sometimes be.

  • Tish Hill

    I agree – the one shot of the clouds above the mountains just doesn’t feel right to me – mainly because it’s not taken from the ground looking straight up.  But it does inspire one to try this technique as a little fun project!

  • Mattmartinez Az

    Hi, just an opinion but the mountains seem to make your eyes wonder down. Like the sidewalk does in the dreamers portrait. That’s why it’s shot with mountains also how do you know the others were shot looking straight up?