What 5MB of Storage Looked Like in 1956

This photo shows what 5MB of hard drive storage looked like in 1956. The IBM 305 RAMAC hard disk was state of the art, weighed just shy of a ton, required a forklift to be carried around, and was composed of 50 separate 24-inch discs that occupied 16 square feet. The annual cost of using it was a staggering $35,000 — steep even in today’s money. Nowadays most RAW photos outweigh the storage capabilities of that behemoth of an external hard drive…

(via Engadget via TexomaTube)

  • Gannon Burgett

    Hell, my JPEGS are larger than that.

  • Anonymous

    The year is 2068. Michael Zhang’s grandson is the editor of popular photo blog Yottapixel. Zhang junior stumbles upon a photo from 2011.

    “What 5 petabytes of storage looked like in 2011″

  • Leandro931


  • Dan

    imagine if you told someone about the capabilities of smartphones 9 years ago!! a phone, that can show your location, take time-lapse photos, book tickets, be used for identifying eye issues, and many many more uses who would believe. i only wonder what they will come up with in the next 3 years.

  • Marc Garrido

    Wow! Compared to this, a 5 1/4 floppy disk looks like high technology!

  • Hfg3

    so small we wont need storage.

  • al

    RAW is way bigger sized. A JPEG of a normal digital camera with around 10 MP is bigger than 5 MB. 

  • t3mujin

    Imagine that thing falling from the forklift 

  • Srikant Sharma

    Picture this … year is 2050.  Your cell phone can store ALL your documents, photos, music, movies and programs – 100% solar powered!  It can make satellite phone calls anywhere in the world.  You laptop is essentially like today’s supercomputer – it controls your entire life – your home, your appliances, your media, children’s education and classes, etc.  Oh, and none of them have any keyboards – 100% voice recognition  and response – all true learning-AI based.  Cars, airplanes, trains and buses don’t have drivers – they are fully robotic.  Homes have photo-gel based roofs … essentially producing their own power.

  • 9inchnail

    Impressive photo, looks like they were about to drop this baby on Nagasaki, whoops, wait, that’s was already gone by ’56.

  • Angie

    I like your version of the future, Srikant. 

    I think we’ll have memory sticks that hold terabytes of information since memory keeps getting cheaper. 

    There’s a possibility of many standard televisions of the future to be Television Entertainment Systems equipped with built-in entertainment and internet browsing computer capabilities with enough memory to store all your music and movies on the unit itself. Back up memory in the cloud will come standard with your purchase of a TES just in case something ever happens to it and you need to get your files back, but most people will choose to stick their favorite cloud back up service they’ve had for a number of years so you don’t feel stuck needing to buy the same brand TES. 

  • Timothy Ricardo

    But, I think the world surely is gonna end sooner…

  • Mickey

    And then your power goes out….