Cam Crate: A Lifeproof Case for DSLR Cameras

Cam Crate is a new DSLR camera case that’s designed for photographers who shoot in places that aren’t friendly toward cameras. While many solutions already exist for keeping your camera safe, most of them are designed for transporting your gear rather than protecting it on the go. The Cam Crate is different: it’s waterproof (and floats), mudproof, crushproof, and shockproof, but at the same time a quick action door lets you quickly take out your camera whenever its needed.

Here’s a quick video introduction to the case:

A $50 donation to the project through Kickstarter will pre-order you one Cam Crate. Oh, and by the way, it even comes with a lifetime warranty!

Cam Crate: Protect your DSLR camera [Kickstarter]

  • lloyd

    Hey look, its one of these kickstarter posts again. poor Penmoto

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    lowepro offers waterproof backpacks that can carry a lot more gear and will be more comfortable to carry.

  • Ian Ludwig

    While a valid point, is that waterproof backpack shock proof and will it float when you drop it accidentally in the water? I think the point here is more having a case that is a tad more impervious to various situations but also easily carried. My Pelican case will do the waterproof/shock proof part but I am not about put a strap on it and carry it around.

  • Zefanya Hanata

    Pelican…..Yes.. In sooo many ways, pelican case is just better, more modifiable and for some, better looking too. At least it doesn’t look like a deformed barrel of British wine.

    I wonder when did kickstarter became copystarter.