ONE Shapeshifting Bag to Rule Them All

ONE is a new neoprene camera and laptop bag system that’s designed for flexibility. It features multiple inserts and swappable covers that allow you to quickly change both its function and its look. The company behind the bag, UNDFIND, is currently raising funds for the project through Kickstarter, and a $79 contribution effectively preorders you one.

ONE | Laptop and Camera Bag System (via NSOP)

  • duncancreamer

    Too bad it’s just for girls.

  • Valentino

    Didn’t see much “shapeshifting,” though.

    It’s a laptop bag with the ability to replace it with some lenses. And I don’t see how the camera fit comfortably in that design, via the video. There are MANY GREAT bags that do that already, and stylish and for men and women.

    Just another bag, as far as the eye could see, for now. . .

  • Tzctplus -

    Oh no. A hipster girly bag… No way.

  • Huh?

    Yeah I think ShootSac has already created this.

  • Simon Ouellet

    Am I the only geek that recognized the background because I’ve seen it on FStoppers like two months ago ?

  • Anonymous

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  • Bob

    Clearly not designed by someone who does photography.

  • Dave

    Um…’s a bag. Just a bag. This is marketing in high gear. Doesn’t do anything well but has a nice squishy look and a video to boot. Who would use this as a camera bag? Your gear clanking together is what every hipster wants right? Too roomy for a laptop. They must not have been able to procure the brand name ‘iBag’ for total marketing success. NEXT!

  • Anonymous

    Yep, it’s a bag.

  • lloyd

    I love how petapixel gets behined these crappy kickstarters but not the good ones such as Penmoto.

  • Richard Ford

    Why is it that shallow depth of field has become such a cliche and so over used.  I am starting to forget why all those years ago we bothered with hyperfocal charts and learning how to ensure that lack of depth of field would not be a problem.  The way it is used here and in many shots and shorts today does nothing to add to the story and only serves to hurt my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Was doing research for an article I hav e to write for a class this site helped quite a lot thanks!

  • Justin Lin

    Hey ‘duncancreamer’ my name is Justin Lin and I’m the creator of the one bag.  Thanks for the comment and I completely understand from the commercial how it seems it’s only for women.  That was actually the commercial created for our female audience so I’m glad it worked!

    The goal was to create a gender-neutral bag and let the consumer pick a cover that fit their style.  For example, I currently have a limited edition black ballistic nylon cover on my bag and also wear my custom cover with my studio logo on it when I shoot weddings.  I’ve posted an image of it in this reply.  
    Anyways, I hope you check in every once in a while as we’re in discussion with several companies such as Element and LRG to do future cover collaborations.  Thanks for viewing!

  • Justin Lin

    Sorry forgot to post the image :)

  • Justin Lin

    Hey Valentino! So the video above didn’t really demonstrate too much of the ‘shapeshifting’ mutant abilities of the bag but I’ve snapped a few pics of the photo insert that goes into the bag to give you an idea of how it works. You insert it into the main laptop compartment and then seal it down with two velcro flaps.  Now you have three compartments for lenses. The insert is lined with bonded leather on the outside, padded with EVA foam on the inside and lined with lycra to make it easy to pull your lenses in and out.  The three slots are designed to comfortably hold 70-200mm f/2.8 lens with hoods attached.  The goal was to create something that had just enough tension so your lenses would move too easily but enough space to quickly pull lenses in and out.  

    The other part that really makes our bags different is that the covers are fully interchangeable.  I snapped some photos for you here as well.  The covers are held in by two strips of Velcro so you will never see the velcro and the cover is super secure.  
    If you’d like to see a full demo, you can watch the our kickstarter video below where I do a full demo of it: 

    I hope I was able to explain to you the “shapeshifting” ability of the bag to you and what distinguishes it!  Have a good night!

  • Justin Lin

    Tzctplus -,  Love the “-” at the end of your screen name :)

    Like I mentioned to duncancreamer above, the ad posted here is targeted towards our female audience.  I’m excited for you to see our future covers and what we have in the works.  Have a good night!

  • Justin Lin

    Hey Huh?, Hope all is well for you on this Tuesday evening!  

    If you check out my reply to Valentino, you’ll see the how the photo insert is removable so you store either lenses or a laptop in the main compartment.  The first image is the bag in its laptop form.  The second image shows the laptop configuration and photo configuration side-by-side.  

    The One Bag also has a pocket in the front design to hold tablets up to 10.1″ along with pen holders and an elastic-net pocket to hold loose change or an small items that usually get lost in the bottom of the bag.  In the back it also has a document pocket and on the cover itself, the material on the underside is a micro-fiber material used to clean screens, lenses and has two elastic-netted pockets as well.  

    I tried to make the bag extremely functional with the appearance of minimalist.  It took about two years time to design and I handpicked all the materials directly from the markets to create the bag.  It’s been an amazing experience and through hours of testing it on shoots and daily use.  I know you’d love the bag if you had a chance to see it in person.  Hopefully I can get it out to a retailer near you soon :)
    Anyways, have a good night and thanks for you visiting!


  • Justin Lin

    Very observant of you Simon! You must have great memory.  Yes we were featured in FStoppers.  In addition to running our full-time photography studio here in Southern California, Lin and Jirsa Photography (, we also run a free online tutorial and review site called SLR Lounge (  The guys over at FStoppers were kind enough to post our behind-the-scenes from our kickstarter video. 

  • Justin Lin

    Hey Bob! I hope you’re doing well. We came up with the design with the bags after trying majority of the bags on the market.  I own and operate a my studio out here in Southern California, Lin and Jirsa Photography (, where we shoot over 200 weddings a year.  I personally shot around 50 this past year and am limiting my shoots to 30 this year.  If you have chance, please visit our site and check out our work! 

    In addition to shooting we operate a online tutorial and review site called SLR Lounge (  If you’d like more info on products, shooting techniques, post production tips, stop on by, it’s free!  From these two companies, we drew inspiration to create this shooting bag/laptop bag.  You see I’m actually a huge nerd and love gadgets and like most gadget lovers, I owned a different bag for everything.  That’s when I decided to start designing this bag.  The ‘aha!’ moment came when I realized the dimensions of a 15″ laptop bag were similar to a lens bag that would fit three lenses up to 70-200mm f/2.8.  The trick was trying to create a design that wasn’t too heavy and that would be able to essentially transform.  In my first round of designs, I tried the laptop/lens combo in the same bag but then realized that it’s extremely uncomfortable to carry a laptop, along with its charger, accessories, etc. and a lens, body, and flash unit all in the same bag with all the weight on you single shoulder.  After two years of designing, testing, and revising, I feel that I’ve got an ideal bag that you can use 365 days out of the year.  Of course bags are so personal so hopefully at some point in the future, you can physical interact with our bag and I’m confident you’ll love it!

    At any rate, if you want to see more videos of the bag in action, please head over to our kickstarter site: 

    or our main site: 

    Have a good night!

  • Justin Lin

    Hey Dave, the goal is to definitely give the appearance of minimalist but load it with practical functionality.  I invested a lot of time in understanding what most people carry in their bags nowadays so each pocket dimension will fit your most popular gadgets.  

    I understand it’s hard to tell from the video but the photo insert (second and third attached image) is actually padded with a nice thick layer of EVA foam and lined with lycra so it’s easier to pull lenses in and out.  I logged over 500 hours of shooting on this bag last year and I know if you had a chance to see it in person, you’d love it!
    As far as laptops go, it fits your standard 15″ dells and hp’s snuggly and it’s a bit looser on your Macbooks.  I’m telling you, product design is a tricky thing but soooo much fun! 

    I’m definitely going to look into getting ‘iBag’! Hope I don’t get sued though :)

    Thanks for the feedback and hope to connect with you sometime in the future.


  • Justin Lin

    This is true!

  • Justin Lin

    Lloyd, totally understandable…I’m definitely not smart enough to ever create a product like Penmoto!  

    However, I must say, product design definitely has its challenges as well.  I swear I always have the perfect design in mind and then when it comes to the actual execution of the idea, you run into several issues.  For example on our one bag, I wanted to ensure we used super high quality materials like wetsuite-grade neoprene that was weatherproof.  Well the issue was that it took a special type of machine to sew through so many layers of neoprene.  I didn’t want to compromise the quality of the design so we had to find a special company that could produce them for us.  To give you an idea, The One Bag uses over 20 different materials!  

    Anyways, thanks for expressing your thoughts and have a great night!

  • Justin Lin

    Appreciate the feedback Richard! 

  • Justin Lin

    Hey Guys,  thanks for all your comments here on Petapixel.  Sorry I was late to respond as I was unaware we were featured here.  I hope you guys at some point in the future get a chance to see our products in person.  I’ve spent the last two years studying the bag market and designing our bags.  Like I mentioned above as well, all materials on this bag were hand picked so I can ensure you this bag will last you for years.  

    Also, if you guys would like, we can connect on FB. Here is the link to my Facebook profile along with links to my two business partners that helped in designing The One System:Justin Lin –
    Payam Jirsa – Lin –
    Like I mentioned in our above, we are all professional photographers and that’s what helped us design The One System.  We also run a free online tutorial and review site for photographers called SLR Lounge.  If you’d like to keep updated on our projects and promotions, visit and ‘Like’ our Facebook pages:

    SLR Lounge –
    Lin and Jirsa Photography –

    We’ll be at WPPI this year and I’ll be there so be sure to stop by and say hi!  Good talking to you all and Happy Holidays!


    Justin Lin

  • Matthew Saville Baldon

    I love how the internet rips things apart without ever giving them a shot.  I’ve been testing the Waist Shooter and One Bag this season for the Undfind guys, and I have to say that combined with my Spyder Holster I have never had a more functional yet comfortable system.  I own at least five bags, including Lowepro, Tenba, and Tamrac bags among others.  They all serve a purpose, and this bag serves it’s purpose VERY well.

    I understand that some guys may not care how dorky they look as long as their bag is the most functional thing in the world and can carry their kitchen sink, but as a wedding photographer in Orange County I gotta put at least a little effort into looking decent while on the job.

    So, to each their own?