Canon Commandos vs. Nikon Terrorists

After the viral success of The Battle at F-Stop Ridge, making action videos in which camera equipment is used as weaponry has become quite popular. Here’s another crazy one that features Canon vs. Nikon:

A group of Canon commandos is sent out on a mission. Their objective: to save an innocent girl who has been taken hostage by Nikon terrorists. Who will ultimately win this battle?

The bar just keep getting set higher for these things…

Thanks for the tip, Marten and Emm!

  • Dannynoonan82

    This is retarded. I’m never reading this blog again.


    Just INCREDIBLE !!

  • rose

    “The bar has been set higher?” I don’t think so. This one is offensive and a horribly-executed ripoff. 

  • Norman Hayward

    I think a sense of humor can be bought on ebay.

  • Anonymous

    Not for nothing, but photographers are already being hassled all over the world because their DSLRs and lenses are considered tools of terrorism.  So, uh, thanks for helping out with the image guys…I will think about you the next time a some rent a cop is telling me I can’t photograph in the neighborhood of a power plant.

  • Seth Christie

    How is this offensive?

  • Seth Christie

    Totally agree. I can see a cop pulling me to the side and saying, “Hey, does that thing shoot bullets? I saw it on the internet. Oh, it’s a Canon, then you are a good guy.” How are people this uptight?

  • Anonymous

    You can’t see how offensive the stereotyping is? 

  • Anonymous

    I think cultural sensitivity can’t. 

  • Kimberly

    Geez you all have no humor at all, they just made it for fun. The stereotyping is just a joke.. Even Nikon liked it so dunno what you all are worrying about :S

  • Seth Christie

    I didn’t, but then when I put on my “ignore the last 10 years cap as though it didn’t happen” and I see your PC point of view. I suppose we could dress them as Russians or Germans and no one would care.

  • Anonymous

    DSLR’s could also be considered tools of hope, of positivity, tools of religion, tools of journalism, tools of love… Your argument is moot.

  • Kbledsoephoto

    I loved it…

    except it’s totally unrealistic. I mean- we all know Canon would be the terrorists and Nikon the heroes. :P

  • Dave

    Cultural sensitivity and stereotyping aside, this is still a stupid clip. The sense of humor that can appreciate this probably thinks booger jokes are the cleverest things ever told. It just.Wasn’t.Funny. A lot of work for a piece of crap.

  • 8fps

    I’m missing the ugly bearded fineprinters

  • Michael Rasmussen

    Well, I asked the guy at and hopefully he’ll answer.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    Liked, even though I disagree.  
    Sony would be the terrorists.  Or would it be the Lomo folks?

  • Anonymous

    Obviously I am not suggesting people will think cameras shoot bullets, what I am saying is the imagery does not help.  Personally, I think the video is juvenile, like little boys with sticks shouting “pew pew”.  What I am saying is it creates an image of photographers that does not help only hurts in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  • Pjaylett

    Send in Joe McNally, he’d kick all their butts with just a point and shoot.

  • Anonymous

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  • Bird

    Bunch of boys rescue helpless girl with help of gigantically overgrown lenses…. um, ahem, is that glass compensating for something guys? :D

  • Anonymous

    I agree. 
    It’s totally adolescent behaviour and negative (apologies for the unintended pun).

  • Willem

    So evereyone who wears a scarf on there head is an Arab?

  • Gary Orona

    This video is great guys. You know for all of you commenting with such intensity and hate I’m really sorry you’re having such miserable days. I hope your days get better.  A lot of effort went into this. Don’t forget that, so for you arm-chair critics just go away.

    I know exactly what it takes to produce film and TV and frankly over the last 20 years I have no time for naysayers anymore.

    To those who produced this video BRAVO! And don’t listen to the haters. No matter what you do they’ll surface like the maggots they are.

    Good Thoughts,

    Gary Orona
    Creator, Producer, Director HBO/Cinemax
    “Hotel Erotica” the series
    “The Erotic Traveler” the series
    “Thrills” the series
    Winner “Best Picture” 2002 New York Independent International Film Festival “Trance”

  • Josh Ladella

     Shouldn’t Olympus be the terrorists?

  • Dave

    Just because a lot of effort went into it does not automatically mean it is good. And just because some of us don’t like it doesn’t mean we are having a bad day. It probably only means that we can recognize a bad film. Glad you like it. You probably have all of the Adam Sandler films in the dvd box set as well and that is your choice. Rock on.


    Greate! Fun whit humor so i can only say i like!

  • Gary Orona

    You had to throw that last (Adam Sandler) dig in there didn’t you? One thing I can always expect when calling out the haters is that I’ll get hated for it. It never fails. 

    And you’ve implied that you are an authority on what makes a film good or bad. 

    I’d love to hear your credentials… I think you know mine. Any HBO creator/producer/directors in the room? Uh huh…

    Again, lots of fun guys… liked the video.

    Good Thoughts- Gary Orona 

  • Dave

    I am not without credentials but I rarely if ever toss them around to inflate my ego. Primarily a still photographer but with my beginnings in cinematography. I have worked at a major stock photo agency for over a decade and worked as production stills photographer for feature films and worked for National Geo TV. My stills have been published in many publications for the last 15 years. I don’t care about your credentials any more than you should care about mine. I already know your taste in films and maybe that is why I haven’t bothered to watch anything on HBO for over 20 years. The above film with it’s bigoted treatment of world cultures, it’s simplistic and pedestrian story line is right up your ally apparently. Yes, I know, they worked hard. A more intelligent person would realize that forums like these are for people to express their opinions. I appreciate you allowing me my opinion so graciously.

  • Seth Christie

    Immature, sure. But I still think it is a stretch to think this in any way harms the image of a photographer. I think the street photographers that jump in people’s faces to a much bigger disservice.

  • David

    No, he’d implode the building with SB-900s.

  • Gary Orona

    Why do you continue to attack so ‘personally’? My original comment basically says “don’t hate” and “respect”. I didn’t target anyone directly, but you attack me. Why is that? And you seem so hostile. Thus supporting my original line that I hope people have better days.

    I express my opinions as do you, yet you attack me ‘personally’ for mine? I’m expressing my thoughts as you champion in your last comment but then you knock me down for expressing my thoughts with a jabbing quote- “a more intelligent person would realize that forums like these are for people to express their opinions”. Isn’t this hypocritical? 

    Which way is it? Walk your talk.

    Sorry, Petapixel I know this shouldn’t be about two guys sparring. 

    I will discontinue commenting on this particular post.

    Good Thoughts – Gary Orona

  • Dave

    “they’ll surface like the maggots they are.”

    ^^^You not being personal

  • Alopias1961

    What passes for art these days……..

  • GerardHenninger

    The backstage video of Canon vs Nikon is now online too :

  • Etrckyma

    I know it wasn’t that good of a video, but do you guys really think this is offensive? You people really have to lighten up, terrorists dressed in scarves and such does not automatically make them an Arab or any cultural denomination. It isn’t stereotyping it’s just having a sense of humor. Stop being so uptight, you are almost as bad as the policemen who brand people who actually take photos as terrorists.

  • Dave

    Google keffiyeh and educate yourself. It is certainly a reference to a cultural denomination…specifically Arab. And before you go on about Arabs being terrorist, some are. So are some American Christians but this is clearly offensive profiling. Btw, you are right about it not being that good of a production.