Lens Band is Like a Gel Bracelet That Gives Your Cell Phone Macro Powers

Add-on lenses for cell phones are pretty common nowadays, but usually they’re specifically made for certain models and are incompatible with others. The Macro Cell Lens Band is different — it’s a stretchable band with a macro lens baked right in. Simply slip the band onto your phone, place the lens over your phone’s camera, and voila! Instant macro shots. When you’re not using it, you can also wear it around like a gel bracelet. They cost $15 each over at Photojojo.

Macro Cell Lens Band [Photojojo]

  • Donovan Rekanize Fannon

    I used to rip the lens out of laser pointers, and stick them over my phone lens with clear packing tape… This is one of those ideas I slap my head for not connecting the dots and making myself. Good one.