A Time-Lapse Journey Through Oregon

Here’s an amazing time-lapse video that was made using time-lapse photography shot over six months in the beautiful state of Oregon. This interview quote by Ben Canales gives a glimpse into how much dedication this kind of project requires:

The actual filming takes 2-4 hours to record a good night time-lapse of the stars moving, and then pack up, hike out, and drive home the next day. That is only the work done in the field! Then there are hours and hours of processing, editing, and polishing the final video sequence to get only six seconds of final video.

It is not an exaggeration to say one short, final clip may represent 20-30 hours of planning, driving, hiking, shooting, and processing — all that for mere seconds of video playback. It is a ridiculous labor of love.

Hundreds of hours of work for a four-minute video that has already been viewed over a hundred thousand times. Be sure to watch it full screen and in HD!

  • Jeffrey

    Wow. I usually get bored rather quickly with time-lapse video, but this is not only shot really well, but the editing is superb.

  • Genericinbox

    yay, another time lapse video.

  • Licensetothrill77

    Absolutely SUPER!! This is THE reason I climb and backpack period,to see beautiful sights like this.Having climbed Mt Hood and been all around Crater Lake on 2 occasions these sections add additional meaning to your film for me!! Never knew that Oregon had a desert though,I have to check that out! Brock Landers,trail angel 3rd class.