Clever Animation Technique Using a Bike Tire, Some Paper, and a Video Camera

For her 3rd year dissertation project Katy Beveridge set out to find a creative way to film animation in real time rather through techniques like stop-motion. She then came up with the brilliant idea of placing paper on a bike wheel and using a video camera’s — and the human eye’s — frame rate limitations to create the animation.

  • Sadisticbuttrue

    Always wondered if possible, never been crazy enough to try.

    It worked. Incredible well.

  • Chris Knighton

    This is seriously inventive! Wow, Great job

  • Web Designer

    Good! Thanks for sharing

  • wickerprints

    What is old is new…what is new is old.

  • Richard Ford

    That’d be “tyre” actually. Homonyms are a bitch.

  • Matthew Cole

    I like the left-hand drive bicycle at 1:09.  You don’t see those very often.

  • Rystjohn

    Pretty cool. This is super cool too –