12,225 Mile Road Trip Around America in a 5-Minute Time-Lapse

Brian DeFrees spent two months between August and October of this year driving a giant loop around the United States on a 12,225-mile-long road trip. He captured a photo every 5 seconds using an intervalometer with his Canon 60D while in his car, and by creating individual time-lapse videos when parked or exploring an area. The result is this epic 5-minute long time-lapse.

Here’s the route he took:

…and his setup in which the 60D is mounted upside-down on his windshield:

You can see more stills and time-lapse videos from his trip over on the project’s website.

USA Drivelapse Project (via Laughing Squid)

  • Sheilia

    Then you have never been to Wyoming.

  • GSUgal

    Here’s a link with some of the detail on his 12k mile trip.

  • Dan Anderson

    I would add Craters of the Moon.

  • Phyllis Taylor

    I would love detailed info about Brian’s route. It is a trip I would like to make.

  • Janet Dupke

    Would love to get this map. Anyone know how to get it ?

  • Linda Venable

    We just traveled across country, from Coos Bay, OR to NYC this past summer. My husband RAN, while I drove a small RV. We did this for our charity, Support For Firefighters. It was an amazing journey! We stayed on secondary roads and through small towns. What a great way to see America! I would do it again. WY was the worst part of our journey, with millions of mosquitoes, and heat. We didn’t track north through Yellowstone. We tracked into Utah and then through CO instead. It was amazing. I highly recommend taking a journey like this, it should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you want to see more about our trip, check out my blog

    There are lots of photos of interesting things we saw, along with a written commentary.

  • Cindi Sullivan

    Wyoming IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Not just Yellowstone!!!!

  • Cindi Sullivan

    What???? Wyoming does have cool/ famous sites. Lots more than you think.

  • Nancy

    OH really. Do you remember The Battle of the Little Big Horn?

  • Nancy

    Not state compares to it’s rain and fog either.

  • MsGabbyFrog

    Oh I envy you!

  • Gordon

    Notice the date Helen Mettler commented. That was the last time anyone said anything nice about Wyoming. LOL

  • mudduck9000

    It looks like he skipped NYC and Boston? Why?

  • mudduck9000

    This guy has a preference for the pacific northwest it seems, as well as San Francisco, which is admittedly beautiful.

  • RIconservative

    No landmarks in New England?

  • Dan Weinberg

    Pretty much skipped the Northeast entirely.

  • gmchat

    So you bypassed New Orleans? Your life is not complete.

  • Beaugrand_RTMC

    Absolutely!!! And the other 5 people who live there agree!!!