Stuck On Earth: A Gorgeous iPad App for Browsing Travel Photos

HDR guru Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs has just released a new iPad app called Stuck On Earth that lets you travel the world through photographs. In addition to being a gorgeous way to view travel photos, the app serves as a high-tech travel guide, allowing users build and plan “trips” (collecting photos into groups).

Here’s a short demo of how the app works:

The app is completely free, and can be download from the iTunes app store.

Stuck On Earth [iTunes App Store]

  • Alessio Michelini

    Seriously, I’m sick of these bad HDR photos…

  • JT

    Aren’t we over HDR yet? #letsmoveon

  • where’s the innovation?

    So it’s Google Earth with a Flickr feed, and a few filters thrown in for good measure? Given Trey’s entrepreneurial spirit and cult of HDR following, is this really the best we can do with photography and the tablet environment? At least he’s staying true to his Creative Commons philosophy.

  • Daniel Hoherd

    Hater’s gonna hate.  You don’t have to pay for it, or even use it.  Some people actually *like* taking and looking at photos, even if everybody else thinks they suck.

  • Daniel Hoherd

    It’s not just HDR, that’s just Trey using his own stuff in the product marketing.  It’s all types of photos.

  • Daniel Hoherd

    Looks like the images aren’t just from the App’s flickr pool.  I even found some of my photos that aren’t really remarkable in the app.

  • kelly hofer

    it’s just photographers that are sick of it. the public is still fascinated by them photos.
    get over yourself. 

  • where’s the innovation?

    Good point, forgot that this is more an app for people just getting into photography and amateurs alike – that’s the target market, and for that it does the job really well – inspiring those people to perhaps travel to new places and shoot something interesting.

    HDR or not though, my point still stands though – Trey’s capable of much more than this offering.

  • Patrick Ahles

    It’s a matter of taste. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it! No need to complain about it…

  • Trey Ratcliff


    So, you guys know that there are millions of photos in there and less than 1% are mine, yes?  It sends traffic to thousands and thousands of photographers.

    Anyway, feel free to keep up the pointless hate… it’s really charming.

  • Anonymous


  • cgwe

    I agree 100%. I can appreciate some HDR photography but Trey’s images are often overdone. As for the app, the images don’t even seem curated: they’re often irrelevant (like a cat on a person’s rug) and terrible quality.