NeverWet Spray-On Coating: A Godsend for Outdoorsy Photographers

Ross Technology Corp. has developed an amazing silicon-based spray-on coating called NeverWet that can make almost anything completely waterproof. An iPhone sprayed with NeverWet still functions perfectly after being submerged underwater for half an hour. Spraying the coating on clothes causes liquids (e.g. water, oil, chocolate syrup) to slide right off.

NeverWet won’t hit store shelves until next year, but imagine what it could do for photographers — you could cover all of your gear with a coating of the stuff and not have to worry about it when shooting outdoors!

  • will hall

    so how does it work around moving parts, such as buttons, dials, zoom rings, lens mounts…

  • Chris

    If clothes cant get wet anymore, how can you wash them?

    (unless this coating also means clothes wont collect dirt, dust, bacteria… :P)

  • kdv

    they used distilled water for the iphone test! CROOKS!

    lol i’m joking, this is very impressive though! i’m wondering how long the coating will last before it wears out? and if it has any effects human/animal contact? Imagine leather shoes that never get wet!

    i dont know about spraying this on my camera though, with contant use I think the coating won’t last too long. 

  • Justin Manteuffel

    I wonder what effect the spray would have on lens optics. Would they cause artifacts or abberations?

  • A&b

    Do the phone again but keep it in shot. Spray and submerge without an edit

  • Ranger 9

    I couldn’t find anything on their website saying this was a “spray-on” coating. What’s the source of that information?

    “Coating” is a term that can cover a lot of other application processes besides spraying; lens coatings, for example, aren’t just sprayed on…

  • Ranger 9

    Okay, I see it now in the video. I still wonder if all those test applications were simply sprayed on.

  • Ranger 9

    What I really like about the stuff, though, is the way water droplets slide around on it! Almost like mercury, but safer… can see lots of photo and special-effects possibilities just for this.

  • Nigel

    I suppose it would have some useful specific applications for clothing but how well would those shoes breathe after an application? Gore-Tex works great for my boots but this stuff is interesting!

  • Tony T.

    the guy talking is annoying 

  • Dominick Delli Paoli

    WAIT – if you spray this on your penis – does that mean no more condoms?

  • MrA

    Here are more videos. 

  • Mr,A

    Oh! and more details:

    NeverWet coatings are superhydrophobic coatings which are 
    * self-cleaning (resist dirt and grime, clean easily)
    * non-wetting (remain dry in sea water for over a year)
    * resist corrosion (outperforms the best polyurethanes)
    * anti-bacterial, and (as bad water never touches these surfaces..)
    * durable (resist pressure, rubs, etc 

  • Skinner Photographs

    umm… no.

  • Anonymous

    This is a coating, like paint.  Are you really going to paint your DSLR? The iPhone test is a bit disingenuous.  You could spray clear lacquer on an iPhone and achieve the same result. Try pushing the iPhone button underwater, and you’ll have a mighty leak on your hands, and a dead phone. 
    Cameras have a myriad of moving parts, and this does nothing to help seal those interfaces. As a conformal coating (these have been used in the electronics industry for decades) it’s a fine product I’m sure, but on moving parts and flexible fabrics, the video is unconvincing.

  • Jimmy Byrd

    Your jacket is now dry.

  • Anonymous

    Flint Lockwood – spray on shoes.

    just saying…

  • Josh Ladella

    You win.

  • L Reumers

    No, you will just immediately blow your load.

  • Pcuenin

    I don’t quite believe it… what about water getting inside of the electronics?

  • dz

    wrong.  because of the repelling properties it works to “seal” small cracks and holes in moving parts and fabrics because in order for a water droplet to “squeeze” through it would need to break the absurd contact angles (lotus effect). 

    lacquers work by being impermeable… a completely different method of function.

  • Mary Ellenberger

    While I appreciate the ingenuity of this product, if your appeal is to filmmakers and photographers, you might want to consider the quality of your videos. Here are two simple ways to make them better: don’t use auto white balance, and don’t zoom in so much. Give your audience credit by allowing them to see everything that is happening instead of zooming in to one small detail at a time.

    This is by no means meant to be critical, just a couple tips to help in your current and future venture. :)

  • Anonymous

    I wish you were correct! To be usable for a DSLR, not only would this product have to astonishing, and permanent, hydrophobic properties, it would also have to have extraordinary adhesion properties (so as not to chip off around tight radii) and incredible wear resistance where moving parts slide against each other.  I appreciate your explanation of the lotus effect, but with the gaps present in any mass produced product, and a tiny bit of water pressure, and you’ve got yourself a leak.

  • Avismand

    And the fluor stays permanent in your liver and kidneys.

  • Josh Ladella

    I don’t think they’re targeting filmmakers and photographers…

  • Jakehewitt526

    you make a really good point, neverwet doesnt harbor bacteria, so no stds?

  • sam g

    neverwet is nano technology, you are refering to something different

  • Xxdcplaya23xx

    Where can you purchase this stuff?

  • Liv

    When you get water on the clothing the dirt is attracted to the water and slides off with the water. 

  • [email protected]

    its not in stores jet, you have to wait until next year man ;)

  • Nn

    NeverWet does not work when water is mixed with soap.

  • Troels Andersen

    Nigel: It works by modifying the contact surface for water/oils only. Air can pass through without a problem.

    How it deals with sweat etc. is an entirely different concern. I’m not sure.

  • Mason

    Well, they did say it can last months. Though who is to know how long they tested it for.

  • Joe Blow

    You’d have to spray it into your urethra. I would not recommend it.

  • Actuatedgear

    I wear a hat. It’s a 10$ fedora I bought at walmart. Black Pinstripe. Its F-ing awesome. I get a lot of complements. Unfortuately, I regularly deal with dirt, grease, and paint. or this purpose I have an extra ‘work’ hat. Also unfortunately, rain, bad luck, and occasional carelessness lead to damage on the main so I switch out. What you are saying is that I could wear my nice hat while painting, working on my car, or even swimming and then go directly out to lunch and look F-ing awesome without switching hats or even dusting off…NOW!!! I WANT IT F-ING NOW!!!

  • Renan Le Caro

    You have to keep in mind that hydrophobic stuffs are always mat, so you couldn’t spray the glass of the lenses with it or you would get a strong “soft focus” effect on all your shots.

  • yoyo


  • Charlie

    Were can i buy it?

  • Charlie

    How does it stand up to UV radiation ? like say, the summers in Las Vegas? Also,were can i buy it?

  • SKi

    how long does it lasts for ? do I have to put more coats in the future as it might wore off ?

  • la la song

    Americans are stupid

  • John

    Neverwet leaves a whitish-bluish tint and has a gritty surface. Not something you’d want on your lense optics or other parts of your camera.

    BUT, you could coat a camera bag, hiking boots, etc., with it!

  • Rob

    Also, it’s a silicon based product so it might eventually kill your electronics and switches.

  • bad boy 101

    just bought a can of this shitt worst purchase ive ever made and cost me $500 in damage