Airframe: A Picture Frame That’s Shaped Like an Airplane Window

“Airframe”, designed by Korean designer James Kim, is a picture frame shaped like an airplane window.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or new to the skies you can always have a lofty window seat view with this portal overlooking aerial views from your memorable vacation.

They come in sets of 3, which cost $47 each over in the designboom shop.

Airframe by James Kim (via @Photojojo)

  • Guest

    I’d be slightly worried if that was the view out of my airplane windows.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting idea.  If you have an aviation themed room, then that might be a good fit.

  • Ned

    Purchased 2 weeks ago (PayPal) no confirmation and NO response from designboom to multiple emails

  • Anonymous

    any luck with the purchase notes, did the frame arrive?  Was the quality any good?  Please post if you have an answer –   Thanks

  • Ira

    I plan to order the frames from designboon. Please could you share if yours arived at all and in case they did – how much time did it take?