Five Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

If you’ve never done studio portraits before, check out this uber-helpful video that quickly runs through five basic lighting techniques commonly used by photographers everywhere.

  • Josh Ladella

    Loved the ending. The model is gorgeous too.

  • Stephan Henningsen

    Very nice.  I think the last part would have been more interesting and perhaps more educating, if he had turned off each light one at a time, so their effect would show more clearly.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I’d discovered this site before I started my business. I would have avoided a lot of mistakes.

  • Josh Ladella

    He kind of does this in a separate video.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that’s one way to take the set down…

  • Charles Saulters II

    Informative and hilarious!

  • Wale

    Very simple and instructive. I thought the end was totally hilarious!!!!! Good job!

  • Pritham Denzil D’Souza

    the ending was the best ever!!!!

  • davlev

    learned a lot, laughed a lot

  • Alimac

    Thank you, great video brilliant end

  • Finadenne

    I agree with Zta’s comment. It would be a dramatic close if he had done that. It would also give you a better idea how each light affects the model.

  • shutterone photography

    thankyou for sharing this video

  • sue