Guess What the Shape of Sony Alpha DSLRs Was Inspired By? A Sock!

In interviews published on Sony’s website, the company’s designers talk about how its latest DSLRs are based on a styling technique called “Tensile Skin”, in which sharp lines and curved surfaces giving a “natural sense of tension”. What’s interesting is the tool they used to explore this idea: an ordinary sock. Art director Takuya Niitsu says,

What helped me explore this idea was an ordinary sock. As soon as I stretched the sock over our structural mock-up, it transformed the jumble of blocks into a coherent, sculptural unit. It looked fresh, and the jutting edges resonated nicely with the gentle contours. Although this unified whole could be called “monoform,” it was hardly monotonous, and there was a pleasant sense of tension. I knew that following this approach would lead us to the new shape for Alpha SLRs.

Discoveries in a new approach to design (via sonyalpharumors)

  • Ethan Frank

    But can an A77 keep your feet warm?

  • will hall

    DSLR bodies get designed? besides the controls/interface i cant see that there’s been much change in design for the last say 10 years, compare e.g the ’99 D1 vs the ’09 D3S, or the ’01 D30 vs the ’10 60D . Even looking further back to the film bodies in the 80’s the design has still pretty much remained the same.

  • Raphael Puttini

    Most of my favourite body designs are made by Giugiaro (for Nikon). When Canon launched their EOS-1V, I found that camera beautifully designed, with an air of Darth Vader’s helmet.

    Let’s just hope that the photos taken by the A77 doesn’t smell like feet.

  • Flgraphics

    looks like most DSLR bodies if you ask me

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Oh yes, you are completely right. The EOS-1V… I have always loved that camera. It is so beautiful I can not understand why Canon did not make the 5D look like it.

  • Stephan Zielinski

    Next year: condom.

  • Raphael Puttini

    Yeah, I don’t understand either. Once I got from Pentax a mock-up body of a K-200 in white and black, looking like a Stormtrooper (sorry for the Star Wars references, but I was not the only one to think about it!). We never got a single real body to sell, a pity, because people were really asking for it.
    But the poorest designs for sure, were the Sony Alphas in the 2008-2010 and the Olympus E-x00, in my opinion. I never felt them right into my hand.