Kodak Sells Off Its Sensor Business to Add Some Cash to Its Wallet

After arriving late to the digital photography party, Kodak took another step away from the market yesterday by selling off its sensor business to CA-based firm Platinum Equity. The sale of Kodak Image Sensor Solutions (KISS) — which includes the company’s 263,000 square foot facility in Rochester — will hopefully give Kodak the boost of cash it needs to avoid bankruptcy and turn into a healthy business. Kodak sensors are found in a number of popular cameras, including the Leica M9 and S2.

The company is also looking into selling a chunk of its patents to raise more cash, which will help it in its current efforts to transform into a printer and ink company.

(via Business Wire via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

  • Qwerty99420

    Nothing like a business that lost a ton of money in a dying (film) Tech, Now putting all of their eggs in printing which will slowly die as well. With tablets and digital frames etc getting cheaper and cheaper, how long will printers really be profitable?

  • Anonymous

    Another 3 months?

  • Skinner Photographs

    Does this spell doom for the Leica M10? Will Leica partner up with a company named “Platinum Equity”. Yikes.

  • Matt

    Well, that is is pretty much the last bad decision they will make.

  • Damien

    Does Kodak have anything else left to offer the world?

  • Skevos Mavros

    Surely this is selling off the wrong arm of the business?  They are selling their sensor business to concentrate on printers and ink now?  I realise that finished prints were always part of the Kodak business, but when I think of Kodak I don’t think of their photo papers (fine though they are), I think of their films, of image ACQUISITION.  We will always need to acquire images.  But we won’t always need to print them (tablets, digital frames, e-paper, etc.  I can’t remember the last time I printed a colour image on paper).  This is a BAD decision in the medium to long term.  I assume they are just trying to stave off bankruptcy for another few years.   Shame.

  • Nick

    I think they call that a ‘Kodak Moment’

  • Fotographix

    Eastman is rolling in his grave.

  • Fenil

    Damien: Oh yes he does! The new KAI-16070 fullframe 16megapixel Image Sensor. 2stops more dynamic range!
    I want to know which camera manufacturer will build a camera around it!

  • Robert Kent

    I am not sure that saying Kodak “arrived late to the digital party” is entirely accurate–it was an engineer at Eastman Kodak that built the first true digital camera, all the way back in 1975. It’s not so much a case of “arriving late the party” as “hosting the party and then trying to pretend it’s not happening.”

  • JAA

    Arriving late to the digital photography party? Wrong. Kodak engineer Steven Sasson invented the first digital still camera in 1975, and the company released the first digital SLR model (Kodak DCS) in 1991.

  • Mike

    One can only sell what is profitable. If Kodak needed cash it had to sell what it could. As printing is a looser it could only sell what else it had and that was the sensor division. what we have left are the vestiges of life that payes off what it can and dies.

    Rip Kodak. It’s been nice to know you.

    Ps. Kodak, Before you die, could you please give your “how to” library to an online library somewhere? There is so much more I want to read, and it is out of print.