Sorry for the Slowness and “Downness”

Sorry if you’ve had trouble accessing this site so far today. Our hosting provider, Rackspace, is having issues. Hopefully they can get things together soon. If you haven’t already, subscribing to our RSS feed and/or daily email is another way to receive our posts!

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Update: Apparently it’s a major Internet problem that has taken down thousands of websites.

Image credit: Slow by freefotouk

  • Mike Schreurs

    I missed reading your stuff, glad you are coming back online.

  • Michael Zhang

    It’s been up and down all day. Seems like its still down about 40% of the time though. Hopefully all the problems on the hosts end are resolved by tomorrow

  • Ian Ludwig

    I use rackspace at work also and it was the same deal yesterday too. Today it seems that only their exchange stuff is down.