Oops: Sorry for the Downtime Today, Please Keep the Feedback Coming


As many of you have noticed, we had a few hours of downtime this morning. We made some changes that didn’t sit well with the server. Things seem to be stabilizing now. Sorry about that.

We’re working hard to optimize the website, listen to reader feedback, and made fixes/improvements/adjustments to the new design that we launched last week.

We’ve rolled out many of them already over the past several days, and we’ll continue to look for ways to make the experience of reading PetaPixel better for all.

There are still some issues (including major display ones) that need to be worked out with some users on older browsers. Some readers have also reported not being able to see our comments section (no, it was not removed). If you have any feedback/comments/suggestions, please leave a comment in this thread or contact us. We love to hear what you guys think and what you want.

Thanks for reading PetaPixel!