Panasonic Unveils the Lumix GX1 for Serious Shooters and GF1 Lovers

After photos of the camera were leaked a week ago, Panasonic has officially announced the Lumix GX1. The camera should satisfy GF1 shooters who loved the camera but were unhappy about the consumer-oriented GF2 and GF3 followup cameras. The 16MP Micro Four Thirds camera features a max ISO of 12,800, a solid build, .09 second autofocus (with iPhone-esque touch to focus), a 3-inch touchscreen, RAW mode, and 1080/60i HD video. The camera ships for $700 (body-only) starting in December 2011.

  • Anthony Burokas

    I want a real camera with “two touch” HDR like my iPhone.

    Touch a bright and a dark point I need the camera to make sure it exposes for, and then let the camera adjust the exposure, take the pictures and merge the HDR. That I can do this with a _cell phone_ and not any of the cameras that can shoot HDR boggles my mind.

  • FYI

    Stick to playing with your phone and let photographers who care about so much more be interested in the GX1.

  • Divenitrox

    I saw specs that said autofocus was .09 seconds. Your posting is that it is 10X slower. What is the answer ?

  • Michael Zhang

    Decimal point error. Thank you :)