CMOS Inventor Eric Fossum Lectures on Sensors, From Basics to State of the Art

Eric Fossum, the man who invented the CMOS image sensor, recently gave an hour-long lecture at Yale that provides an educational overview of the technology. He covers a wide range of topics, ranging from digital imaging history to the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the sensor field. If you’re at all interested in learning how your camera works, this’ll be an interesting lecture to take in.

(via Image Sensors World via dpreview)

  • Sodufy

    Meh… This guy has no clue what hes talking about….

  • Jpvann

    He may have invented the CMOS but he sure didn’t put any time into preparing for his talk. Boring, dis-jointed, pointless slides and little explanation of science. He did get his ‘Social’ points out though. Fail.

  • Sodufy

    I hear you. However when a person with such an incredible technical mind, it is very likely that communication skills will not be top notch. 
    My wife cant work a toaster, but she is a master of interacting with humans. If Mr Fossum never does anything more in his short life, he would have done more than most of us.

  • Anonymous

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