Stop-Motion Music Video Shot Over Two Years with 288,000 Jelly Beans

Want to see what pure dedication looks like? This music video for the song “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis is a stop-motion animation done with a background composed of jelly beans. It’s a crazy project that required 22 months, 1,357 hours, 30 people, and 288,000 jelly beans. They could have used CGI, of course, but each frame was carefully created by hand and photographed with a still camera. It’s even more mind-blowing given this fact: none of it was done with a green screen.

Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look into how it was made:

All this for a 3-minute video that most people will quickly move on from when it’s over. That’s dedication.

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  • Marc van der Veen

    Holy crap, that is so awesome. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a dedicated and effort filled video that was actually worth the hassle. The end result is staggeringly beautiful and immaculate. I can’t grasp how they managed to make it so smooth as well. Sometimes you see these kinds of effort filled videos only for them to be… okay, pretty interesting and cool but generally okay. However, this was literally worth it.

  • Flgraphics

    really amazing! that is some seriously patient and dedicated people.

    and might I say that Kina is super cute!! wow!

  • Vemund Heidenberg

    Impressive.. insane dedication.. But none of it with a green screen? i would call that a green screen at 0.47 in the behind the scenes video..

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    Already a fan of Kina… this just makes her even awesomer. 

  • Michael Zhang

    Yup, that is. But at 3:02, they state that none of the scenes that show Kina were done with a green screen. Not sure what the screen shown at the beginning was for.

  • Gillinator

    I second Vemund, there’s clearly a green screen in use in the making of video.  That in no way makes the video a less impressive effort, but where did Michael get this no green screen info?

  • conigs

    I think they just meant that Kina was never superimposed over the jelly beans. The green screen shot was used as reference for the final action and one of the scenes.

  • Anonymous

    watch the whole thing… green screen was only used in initial test shots used for reference – not for final video.

  • Trojan Kitten

    If you watch the “making of” video carefully they say how exactly they use the green screen.

    1) They made a CGI (looks like Flash) version of the animation using art they created for the video.

    2) They shot a video of her part in front of a green screen, as a normal video (not stop motion), no makeup.

    3) They used the materials above as a *reference* with a projector, to guide the jellybean ordering process, and her position over each frame over the glass.

    It means the CGI and the green screen were used as a guide only, but none of it is in the final video.

  • Magical Creamery

    They used that to create the reference video…

  • Andrew

    That green screen was used to digitize the spinning-with-the-guitar silhouette to later animate using jelly beans – look at 4:50 or so in the making-of to see more of the process and 2:51 in the completed video for the result.  Green screens used to create the base art does`t mean green screens used for composition of final shots.

  • Anders Dahl

    While I like it, I’m more impressed with the work and time given to this project, than the actual finished video. Also, I hope JellyBelly sponsored them, since that must have been costly with all those jellybeans.

  • Rich Koch

    This could bring a whole new level of meaning to the phrase “eating the scenery.” Love the concept, execution, and the song it is built around.

  • makip

    What a beautiful and moving song, and an amazing video. Very enjoyable.

  • Jonathan Baldwin

    What happened to the jelly beans?

  • Gordon Shephard

    Jelly Belly Jellybeans at retail go for around $9/pound.  You get about 400 Jelly Belly Jellybeans in a pound.   288,000 / 400 = 720 Pounds * 9 = $6480 – at retail.  I would hope they got a discount for buying in volume though.  

    Does anyone know if the 1357 hours is calendar or is effort?  That is, if they had four people working for a 10 hour day, do they count that as 10 hours, or 40 hours.    1357 / 22 months = about 61 hours/month – doesn’t seem like a lot of if you have multiple people, but is probably about right if we’re counting “calendar” hours instead of “effort” hours.  I’m guessing ,that the actual number of “Man Hours” is greater than 1357 hours.

  • Byron H.

    Blue screen or not, this is an awesome effort and very imaginative as well as entertaining.  I wish everyone involved, especially the singer and director, the very best with the rest of their careers.  With this kind of dedication to the execution of an idea, everybody should do well in their future endeavors.  Well done…

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  • ZzTop

    Wow! What a waste of Jellybeans!

  • Jali Cook

    I’m a new fan of this lovely song and this amazing video

  • Mark Carmichael

    Stop-motion must be in the air; Kono Michi’s latest video is also a no-green-screen labor of love:

  • Anonymous

    I’m stunned by the effort here. Very nice job!

  • schwim

    “It’s even more mind-blowing given this fact: none of it was done with a green screen.”

    Not to take anything away from the cool factor, but…

    cough, cough COUGH

  • Any Lucky Day

    Did you actually take the time to watch the entire behind the scenes video? They filmed it normally on a green screen to use as a reference and then they replicated each scene with jelly beans in stop motion.

  • Kyle Prior

    This just completely blew my mind. Especially the part after she is floating through space and drew the outline. just,wow…

  • Brajeshwar

    Kinna is awesome. Some of my colleagues used to asked me why am I following the songs of some random singer! I liked her since the “Gotta Digg”days –

  • superdeluxesam

    This is great and totally worth the effort, the story behind how the video was made turns it from a cute and interesting concept into a profound human endeavour that makes it 100 times more compelling, and thus likely to be shared and passed on. Good stuff.

  • castillobuiles

    Sorry guys there was a green screen in the behind scenes :P look:

  • Your name

    Am I the only person hoping to see her breasts grow as she maybe got implants or something?

  • Brad Howes

    You don’t read much do you?

  • Andrew Green

    Reminds me of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”. This is in no way a bad thing.

  • Bells

    Sorry to disagree – I think it’s esthetically banal. Could have been a lot better with all that effort! 

  • Bojo

    Really? Then put up or shut up. Make a better one (aesthetically less banal), and share it with us. Until then I’ll write your comment down as one coming from an ‘self-important pompous ass’.

  • Ruth

    I think it’s amazing and the song is beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the insightful comment.
    Didn’t I see you in the YouTube comments section too?

  • Jeffrey Morin

    That is pretty cool…  if they bought these jelly beans it would have been pretty pricey:

    Hopefully they didn’t have to eat the popcorn flavored ones lol.  

  • Rudolf Janse van Vuuren

    Wow, that’s really amazing! Only critique I’ve got (if you wanna be knit picky) is: the graphics are a bit low quality. Almost like an 80’s video game. I think if you can make it a bit sharper, it’ll really pop! Plus the motion it a bit “glitchy”, if you can make it really smooth, (like the animated movie: “Shrek”for example), then I think you’ll have something really special! But good job none-the-less, you guys are almost there! Just a couple hours more to iron out these wrinkles I mentioned and you’re good to go!
    ps- oh and there seems to be some jelly-beans left in the background, I know sometimes when creating professional graphics, slight details can escape the eye, but unfortunately this tends to be the differentiator between making something look really professional, or simply amateurish. So just clean that up and you’ll really have something amazing!

  • Ettmos

    Now that you that you mention it i think it could do with bit more pizzazz or fruit salad. I don’t mind the jelly beans too much but it would be great to see a version with something more fruity like wine gums or even skittles. It feels a bit too 2d, skittles or wine gums might add another dimension to it.

  • Valkraider

    I think it would have been better had they used potato salad and cranberry sauce instead of jelly beans. 

    What a bunch of jackasses in these comments.  It is a phenomenal piece of art.  Once again “makers” get criticized by “consumers”.  I challenge the “consumers” to put up or shut up.  You have no idea how difficult stop-motion is, even before you introduce live actors into the mix…

  • Jesse3

    I wonder how many of that outfit she owns?

  • Julie Friedmann

    This video is dedication towards being an attention whore. The song is mediocre, so it needs a “cool music video” to actually get people to listen to it. I’m not impressed.

  • Julie Friedmann

    This video is dedication towards being an attention whore. The song is mediocre, so it needs a “cool music video” to actually get people to listen to it. I’m not impressed.

  • someguy

    Nice Video, but please use computers next time. I like the song.

  • Thirdstring

    Not quite the same, but cool & labor intensive as well: lightbright
    David Crowder Band SMS

  • Thos003

    That is dedication. 22 months for 3:25 minutes of video.

  • James

    I see the Trolls know no bounds.

  • Steve

    She should get an award for patience.  On top of this, the music is good.