Music Video Created with 3,233 Printed Photos Over Half a Year

Australian college student Nathan Grant created this stop-motion music video for the song ‘Minister’s Daughter’ by the band The Good God Damned. After recording footage of the band playing using a Sony XDCAM, Grant printed out 3,433 photographs from stills in the video. He then spent six months turning the prints into this stop-motion video, capturing the new photographs with a Canon 600D.

  • Joshua Bermudez


  • Aydensgrace

    dedication. such dedication.

  • Eric Dykstra

    Reminds me of this:

  • Franco

    f***ing amazing, such a good work!

  • Gern
  • nathan grant

     This was actually done as a honours dissertation project video response which specifically looked at intertextuality in viral music videos. The two vides mentioned in these comments are featured in the “references” in my paper. True Story.