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Stop-Motion Music Video Created with 15,000 Shots from a Canon 400D


Devil in the Detail” is a neat stop-motion music video directed by Souljacker for the band The Ambience Affair. Rather than use video cameras, a Canon 400D was used to shoot over 15,000 still photographs, which were later combined using Final Cut Pro.

When asked in the Vimeo comments how some of the shots were done, Souljacker replied,

[…] most shots where the camera pans with the character we shot bursts of about 60-90 quick consecutive frames at about 3fps… we also got him to alter his movement slightly which I think helped create the strange feel, as for the gear I used my own camera 350d for some tests then borrowed a friends 400d for the main shoot.

It’s neat how the stop-motion gives the video a dreamlike quality.