Leaked Photos of the Panasonic Lumix GX1 Micro Four Thirds Camera

Photographs of Panasonic’s upcoming Lumix GX1 Micro Four Thirds camera leaked onto Chinese camera forum Mobile01 over the weekend. The camera will reportedly be similar to the GF1, except with a grip, and offer 12MP resolution, a max ISO of 12800, speedy 0.09 autofocus, a large pop-up flash, a touchscreen interface, and two color options (black and silver).

Panasonic appears to be targeting serious shooters with this new GX line while targeting consumers with its GF cameras. We’ll likely hear about this camera officially sometime in early November.

Can you observe anything else that’s interesting about the camera from these photos?

(via Mobile01 via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

  • Anonymous

    One interesting thing I see: they still have not caught on to how much enthusiasts like integrated optical/electronic viewfinders as opposed to pure live view?

  • Nigel

    Aesthetically it isn’t very appealing to me personally, seems a little pieced together to me.

    I realize that has zero effect on IQ, but still… 

  • Anonymous

    The lens is marked HD, unlike the ones I’ve seen with the GF kits.  That’s how Panasonic designates a lens designed to auto focus during video recording. The lens has a switch on it not found on previous kits, maybe it’s an AF/MF switch, or an image stabilization on/off switch.

  • Shawn

    Looks like 2 microphones on the top – maybe stereo?  If so, 2 close together to help much.

  • Eduardo Cervantes

    Where’s the Nex7 of m43’s, Panasonic? Or you, Olympus?

  • Anonymous

    The lens is Lumix G X Vario PZ 14-42mm F3.5-5.6, and it’s available now:

  • Fredrik Lindersson

    Obviously stereo recording of audio but as you noted this is only interesting if there is a mic in port.

  • Fredrik Lindersson

    Looking at this there is not much on the exterior to be excited about. I like my GF1 because of the size and decent PHYSICAL manual controls. Very little seems to have changed. The receded video record button is welcome. It is way too easily accidentally triggered on the GF1. Moving iA from the dial to a dedicated button on the other hand is something of a weird move when trying to build a pro-ish camera. Inbody stabilizer and jaw dropping image quality would be the only things that could win me over.