Camera Costume Ideas for Halloween

Want to create a photography-related costume this halloween? Here are some fun costume ideas to give you some ideas. The above is a standard Canon point-and-shoot that has a tiny camera in the lens.

An old school Kodak Brownie:

Turn yourself into a Polaroid picture:

A realistic screen adds to the effect:

And last but not least, Tyler Card‘s fully functional Nikon DSLR that we featured earlier this week:

If you make a costume this Halloween that tops these, be sure to send us a picture of it!

Image credits: working camera costume. by mattlogelin, 2010.03.12 I’m a camera by Wendy Rueter, Polaroid Costume by krizsa, digital camera costume by ap., and Fully Functional Nikon DSLR by Tyler Card

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Film canister = painted plastic receptacle complete with holes for arms and legs.

  • 9inchnail

    Or you can just wear a sign saying “Please hit me in the head as hard as you can”.
    Same effect, less effort.

  • Anonymous

    Or you could wear 260 Camera T-shirts like this man at once. Is it possible?