Lens Band: A Gel Bracelet for Your Lens to Prevent Zoom Creep

Zoom creep is what happens when gravity causes your lens to zoom in or out due to it being pointed up or down. While it’s not really an issue when you’re shooting hand-held, it can cause problems if you’re trying to keep the zoom fixed while the camera’s on a tripod. A trick to combat this is to use rubber bands to keep the zoom ring still, but now there’s a fancier solution to this problem: the Lens Band. It’s a gel bracelet-style band that’s wrapped around the zoom ring when not needed. When you want to freeze the zoom, simply slide half of the band over the lens body.

They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most lenses, and cost $5 each from the Lens Band website.

Lens Band (via Pixiq)

  • Mike Heller

    Is this any different than the various charity wrist bands (such as Livestrong) that are out there?

  • Chris Dustin

    Appropriate example lens!

  • Aydensgrace

    And I can get one from a local charity for donating. =]

  • Miklos Bacso

    Yeah you can probably get a dozen of those bracelets at the dollar store

  • Aaro Keipi

    Yeah, this one says “Lensband”

  • Osmosisstudios

    Alternatively: Don’t buy lenses known for creep.

  • Daniel Yu Suzuki

    Or just use some tape.

  • Victor

    Those charity bands work just fine. I’ve been using one on my creeping lens:

  • kendon

    focus ring, ey?

  • Ed

    I’ve got one of these and they work when you’re just carrying the lens around. The trouble starts if you’re street walking, and just want to fire off a few shots then carry on walking.

    You have to wriggle the band down to zoom the lens which is pretty awkward and fiddly, especially if you have big fingers, and the time it takes can make you miss the shot. Then you have to work it back up over the zoom ring again before you carry on walking.

    All in all, they get the job done for transporting the lens, but they’re not very practical if you are shooting for a short period then moving on.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks :)

  • Victor

    No one is forcing you to move the band all the up or down each time. Just nudge a part of the band over the zoom ring. On my lens that’s enough to stop the creeping while still allowing the zoom to move relatively freely.