This is the Best-Selling Getty-Licensed Photo on Flickr

Two years ago, Flickr partnered up with Getty to allow Flickr users to sell photographs, and today Getty announced that its “Flickr Collection” has grown to over 250,000 images. Getty also revealed that the above image titled “Rock Concert” by Flickr user Michael Bodge is their best seller. No word on how many copies it has sold, though.

(via AllThingsD via Geeky Gadgets)

P.S. Brownie points to anyone who can find the original Flickr page for this photo.

Update: Michael Bodge himself wins the brownie points. Here’s the original Flickr photo.

  • Mike Bodge

    Thanks for the link, I honestly had no idea. The original is here:

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure Mr.¬†Bodge hasn’t bought a house in the South of France with the proceeds…

  • AC

    You can see some uses here:

  • Michael Zhang

    Hah. I definitely didn’t expect the photographer himself to be the one to win the brownie points.¬†

  • Toto

    I owe a house in France BTW I’m French…

  • Toto

    some place are pretty cheap… in the center, for instance Larzac or Coreze

  • Dave

    The image sold 100,000 times. The photogrpher has netted $6.58 to date. This is Microstock after all.

  • Jlambs

    In the brownie points section, just a spelling mistake: fid -> find*

  • Jlambs

    In the brownie points section, just a spelling mistake: fid -> find*

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks much

  • White Hot Phoenix

    Wow, that’s fucking robbery. :(

  • Aus_Guy

    The image starts at $10.00 on Getty. So if it has sold 100,000 times as you claim it has, then the photographer has made $1mil. Sounds legit…..

  • Tim

    Do the maths; the photographer would only make $1mil if the image always sold at $10 AND Getty took no cut. Both highly unlikely scenarios, but I’d also like to know where the $6.58 figure came from.